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How to Set Up the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2

Free standing tents often require extra poles and complexity to stand on their own. But with the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2, you do not need to sacrifice weight or convenience for a free-standing tent 2 person tent. To prove it, Gear Specialist Becky demonstrates how quick and simple it is to set up in this video.

How to Set Up the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 2

Stake out corners

As is the case with most freestanding tents, staking out the base is optional. While it will provide more stability and ease when pitching, it is entirely possible to leave the stakes behind completely.

If you do choose to stake down the tent, start by laying out the optional footprint in an area free of rocks or sharp debris. Line up the floor of the tent to match the footprint widthwise and stake the two down together in the all four corners.

Helpful Hint: Starting with two diagonal corners will create the most even and taught pitch.

Set up poles

pair the orange poles with the orange webbing

Big Agnes uses convenient color coding to take all the guesswork out of the pole positioning.
Lay out the poles with the center hub clip facing downward and the orange ends of the poles lined up the orange webbing in the corners of the floor. Insert the poles into the grommets one end at a time.

Helpful Hint: If the floor is not staked down, you can secure the corner by holding down the webbing with your foot while you insert the pole.

Clip body

Connect the central black clip to the hub in the center of the ridge pole

Once the poles are erected, raise the tent body by connecting the central, black clip to the hub in the center of the ridge pole. Follow with the orange clips, starting in the center and working outward.

Lastly, place the cross pole over the top and insert the ends into the webbing at the apex of each door.

Rain fly


Again, the rainfly features the same color coding as the poles. Orient the fly to pair the orange clips together and the grey clips together.

Helpful Hint: Leave the corners loose initially, and once the fly is centered appropriately, tighten to your liking.

Get the perfect pitch by staking out the vestibules with the fly closed to ensure the proper angle and tension. It can then be opened, but should weather mandate, you can close it up without

needing to make adjustments.

There are additional guyout points around the exterior of the tent. They are optional, but will provide enhanced ventilation and weather-proofing. (Extra stakes and guylines sold separately)