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How to Set Up the MSR Papa Hubba NX Tent

Perfectly reasonable to set up alone, the MSR Papa Hubba NX Tent is so roomy and spacious, that having a partner doesn’t hurt. In this video, Gear Specialist Luke demonstrates how to set up this fully featured 4 person tent.

How to Set Up the MSR Papa Hubba NX Tent

Prep your space

Select an area that will accommodate the full floor space of the tent and is free of rocks or other sharp debris. If using the optional footprint to protect your floor, lay the footprint out first and line up the tent floor to match.

Stake out the corners, if you wish. This tent is completely freestanding, but MSR includes stakes to increase the ease of set up and help secure the tent during use. 

Pair the Color Coded Poles

Lay the red, hubbed poles on top of the tent in an H shape, with the two ridge poles over the doors.

  • Luke recommends creating an arch over one door first, with the ends of the poles inserted into the red grommets at the widest points. Then raise the entire pole system to create the same arch over the other door

After attaching the clips with red webbing to the poles, insert the end of the brow pole into the loop at the top of each door.

The grey poles create the two side arches when the ends are inserted into the grey grommets and the clips with grey webbing are attached.

Deploy the rainfly

The only orientation needed for this rainfly is to line up the vestibules with the doors of the tent. Attach the red connection points to the red poles and do the same for the grey.

  • Helpful Hint: To get the perfect pitch, stake out the vestibules with the door of the rainfly closed in order to create just the right angle and tension. You can then open it, but this way the door can later be closed without the need to adjust your stakes in the rain.