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How to Fix Imperfections in Tent Mesh

Quick Tips: How to Fix “Imperfections” in Lightweight Tent Mesh

As manufacturers of lightweight gear for backpacking continue to innovate, the materials they are using maintain a high tear strength at a fraction of the weight of traditional fabrics.  The mesh used in tent construction perfectly exemplifies this, as the individual threads utilized in this material are very fine. Unfortunately, these fine fibers can become separated when the fabric is placed under tension, which may at a glance appear as small imperfections in the mesh. In this brief Expert Advice video, Gear Specialist Becky explains why this isn’t actually a defect and show how to realign the fibers with your bare hands in just two simple steps.

Step 1: Don’t fret – it’s not a defect!

Example of a mesh imperfection
Misaligned mesh threads, like in the mesh pictured, are easy to fix.

If you notice misaligned threads in your tent’s mesh, don’t worry. These small “imperfections” do not affect the performance of the mesh (it still keeps the bugs out) and won’t turn into a hole. Think of how a tennis racquet’s strings can become misaligned through use; the phenomenon is similar with your tent’s mesh.

Step 2: Smooth it out

Fixed mesh threads
The mesh on this tent looks much better after following Step 2.

Gently rub your thumb or finger in a circular motion over the misaligned threads (it may help to place your opposite palm flat against the other side of the mesh from where you’re rubbing). With a little time and patience, the threads will go back into alignment and the “imperfection” will disappear!