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Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiter

Allowing you to tackle wet, challenging conditions in all 4 seasons, the Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiter provides waterproof/breathable protection, abrasion-resistance and natural form fit.

Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiter Video

We are going to take a closer look at the Hillsound Super Armadillo gaiter. This protec-tive leg gaiter offers waterproof, breathable protection and also excellent abrasion re-sistance. It makes it a great option for year round use. There is a dual construction in play on the Super Armadillo gaiter. The top portion of the gaiter is a stretch Flexia fabric. Again, waterproof and breathable, very form fitting. So it hugs your leg in a way you don’t have to constantly be readjusting it like you often do on a heavier, less pliable fabrics used on other gaiters. At the lower portion of the gaiter you have got a very durable fabric. It is Hillsound’s su-per fabric. It gives the Armadillo gaiter, the Super Armadillo gaiter its name. there is raised plates here, just excellent protection, again, against brush or other types of debris. If you are wearing crampons, ice tools, other things you may have during winter condi-tions, you are going to get that excellent protection from the Super Armadillo gaiter. The Super Armadillo gaiter is easy to get on and off. Below this Velcro tab is a PU coat-ed zipper, really works well, smooth action on that zipper. The weatherproof zipper en-sures that you stay dry beneath it. There is an instep strap with adjustability to make sure that you are getting a proper fit, also a buckled closure at the very top of the gaiter. You can see a very high cut comes up just below the knee so you are going to get full weather protection from the Super Armadillo gaiter. Again, all season usage, but really idea for winter usage whether you are snow shoeing, skiing, mountaineering, really any and all types of winter activities.