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Hillsound Free Steps 6 Traction Device

Video by Backcountry Edge
A lightweight, reliable and affordable solution for city walking, running or light hiking, the Hillsound Free Steps 6 winter traction device fits easily and comfortably over footwear.

Hillsound Free Steps 6 Traction Device Video

With an easy to use, slip on design, the Hillsound Free Steps Six traction device fits easily over varying types of footwear, be it large snow and mountaineering boots, hiking boots or running shoes. Putting on the Free Steps Six is extremely simple. They are sold in pairs. You can put either of the devices over either shoe. It is not a right and left design. There is a call out here at the toe of the {?} harness that reads as the front. So you know that is going over the toe portion of the shoe. And then simply stretch the harness in the back which also has a call out of the word that over the heel of the shoe. And you see that that nestles per-fectly into place so that the teeth of the traction device remain perfectly underfoot. The {?} harness of the Free Steps Six is surprisingly durable even though it is extremely light weight. It is reinforced where that harness meets the stainless steel chain on the lower portion of the Free Steps Six. So, again, excellent durability. It is a stainless steel chain, also stainless steel teeth and a traction point on that Free Steps Six. It really gives nice purchase whether you are on icy streets or you are out on packed trails. More aggressive teeth at the rear or the heel of the Free Steps Six really bite. So if you are on any kind of slope or down hilling, that gives you some additional security. The Free Step Six from Hillsound. Again, very light weight, reliable traction. Easy on, easy off. Off of the shoe the Free Step Six is extremely compact. I have already talked about it be-ing light weight. It can roll up. It fits easily inside the pocket of many backpacks. So you have got it when you need it, but you can stow it away when not in use. They are sold in pairs. They also come in a wide variety of sizes, again, to accommodate not just differing footwear, but also different size feet.