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Hillsound Cypress 6 Crampon (Old Style)

Offering easy adjustability for a broad range of boots, including large ski boots, the druable, aggressive Hillsound Cypress 6 crampon delivers confident, reliable winter traction.

Hillsound Cypress 6 Crampon Video

The Cypress Six from Hillsound is a light weight, durable six point traction system for winter backpacking, icy approaches, glacier trekking, varying types of winter conditions. Well, the Cypress Six does provide excellent traction for much back country use. It should be noted it is not designed for technical climbing or mountaineering use. I want to turn this over for just a moment. They Cypress Six does have width adjustabil-ity for varying types of footwear. So if you have got a larger ski boot or snow boot, again, there is adjustability to the width there to accommodate that. A tool is included with each pair of Cypress Sixes to lock that in place and make sure that it stays secure once you have adjusted it to the width that is needed. Turning that Cypress Six back around you can see there is a nice secure heel strap. Fold-ing down from that heel strap is a mid foot connection point and then also across the forefoot. There is a real simple one touch ratchet strap on both of those that makes this really easy to put on and to take off. You can see below here we have got the Cypress Six on our hiking boot. Just an excellent secure fit and, again, puts that traction right un-derneath the foot for winter usage. When not in use a nice fold down design to the Cypress Six. It gets these down to a much more compact point so you can stow them away inside a backpack or wherever it is you need to carry them. Hillsound does include a nice weather proof storage sack. So {?} pair inside, tuck it away. After use these could be wet, obviously with the teeth could also damage the con-tents of your backpack. And this carrying case makes sure that that doesn’t happen. Again, the Hillsound Cypress Six, excellent winter traction for varying conditions.