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GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook System

Video by GSI Outdoors
A durable, dependable all-in-one cook set, the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook System allows solo hikers to trim packed weight without skimping on backcountry meals.

GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Cook System Video

We are taking a look at the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist. This is a light weight, com-pact all in one option that is perfect for backpacking. The Soloist comes with a 1.1 liter hard anodized aluminum pot, lightweight, but also very durable. There is a Teflon with radiance coating on the inside of the pot which gives it excellent scratch and abrasion re-sistance; also makes for an even quick heating surface and gives it non-stick performance as well. On the outside of the pot there is an integrated handle which allows you to handle the pot, taking it on and off the stove without worrying about burning your hands or coming into contact with the pot itself. A simple pinch of the handle allows it to fold closed over the top of the pot. I have got a lid that is also included with the set. You can see a pour through feature at one end of the lid and there is actually small holes here that allow it to function as a strainer on the other side when you close the handle over the top and actually nest the entire system as one unit. The Soloist also includes a 12 ounce polypropylene mug or bowl, depending on how you want to use it. There is an integrated cozy over top of the mug that allows you to handle it even when there are hot contents inside it. There are some marked graduations inside the mug/bowl which also allows you to use it potentially as a measuring device. GSI Outdoors includes a lightweight, collapsible, multi-use utensil, a spork here; func-tions obviously both as a spoon or a fork and collapses down this small. Soloist comes with an integrated stuff sack, draw string closure on the top there. Interest-ing feature on the inside. There is a welded design that actually allows this to hold water so it can function as a very lightweight back country sink so you can actually clean the contents of this system inside this storage sack and it wipes clean easily and, again, it stays dry. A standout feature on the Soloist really is its compact design. GSI Outdoors includes a small storage bag for a backpacking style stove. Again, the stove itself is not included. That is sold separately, as would fuel canister for any stove that you are using. But all of this can fit together, drop inside the pot. Put the lid on top, close the handle, drop every-thing into that one single compact unit inside the storage sack, making the soloist perfect for backpacking usage.