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Gregory Wander 70 Youth Backpack

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Gregory Wander 70 Youth backpack caters to growing adventurers, offering maximum fit adjustability, load-hauling capability and ample storage capacity.

Gregory Wander 70 Youth Backpack Video

I am wearing the Gregory Wander 70 liter back pack. This is a pack made by Gregory specifically for youth ages 10 and up. They have taken all the features and technology in their adult packs and they have put it into a really great youth pack and it is extremely adjustable so it can grow with them over the years. The feature that sets this pack apart as a youth back pack is the wide range of adjustability. So Gregory has designed a versa fit suspension system for the Wander series back packs. It comes in two sizes, extra small, small and then small medium. On the extra small size of this back pack the torso length adjusts from 13 to 18 inches and on the small medium it adjusts from 15 to 20 inches. On the hip belt the hip belt adjusts... it starts at a 24 inch waist and adjusts up from there. I am going to talk about some of the organizational features, pockets, et cetera, of the pack. Gregory has made it really easy to organize your gear in the pack. That makes it easy for children to use. The first really big U shaped pockets. So this one on the outside if you need to get to layers quickly. But, yeah, that is a really big pocket. And then another U shaped zipper to get to the body of the pack. And you can see, really easy to open, opens really wide so that you can get to things on the bottom of the pack and on the top of the pack. The top compartment is rather sizable. I don’t have it stuffed completely today. And the top pocket is connected to the pack. So this does not come off of the pack, but you can raise it up a little bit in case you, you know, want to put a sleeping bag or, you know, other gear in there. It also has a pocket here for storing smaller things and a little chart on how to pack your back pack which is nice. There is a big, easy to use opening in the top, so easy to open, easy to cinch down. And if the pack isn’t completely full, if a smaller child is using it, you can really cinch that down and make it a smaller pack. If I turn the pack to the side you can see it has got water bottle pockets on either size. So I can put a pretty large water bottle in there and it also has one small pocket on one side of the pack. And this makes it easy to get to smaller items while you are hiking so you don’t actually have to take your back pack off. You can just reach behind you and, you know, grab a granola bar or snacks or whatever you would have in there. There is also a couple of straps on the outside where you can lash gear and if you wanted to put a sleeping pad on the bottom, you could also do that with these big straps. Another feature I will mention is the rain cover. It comes with the pack, so it is nice. It is the same color as the pack and, you know, if it starts raining it is really easy to get to. Just throw that over the top of the pack and you don’t have to worry about your gear getting wet. The Gregory Wander comes in two volume options. There is a 50 liter and a 70 liter. And the only difference between the two is the volume. So they have all of the exact same features. You can see that I am wearing this pack. And, just as a side note, if you are an adult that has a smaller frame and you have had trouble finding a pack in the past that adjusts small enough to fit you, then this could be an option. I am about five feet five inches and this pack fits me just fine. Otherwise, the Gregory Wander is a great youth pack that is going to grow with you over the years.