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Gregory Denali Internal Frame Backpack

Video by Backcountry Edge
With its rugged construction, load-hauling capability, and wealth of features, the Gregory Denali backpack is ready-made for extended backpacking and mountaineering.

Gregory Denali Internal Frame Backpack Video

With durable construction, a board array of features and heavy load hauling capability, the Gregory Denali backpack is certainly expedition worthy whether you are pushing deep into the back country, high up into the mountains or even into the arctic. I am going to take the pack off. We will take a look at the pack’s fusion flex pro suspension system. That is what makes this pack capable of comfortably carrying such heavy loads. I should mention that we have got in front of me the Gregory Denali 100, so 100 liter pack. It also comes in a 75 liter version. The 75 liter can carry as much as 65 pounds of gear. This Denali hundred can carry up to 80 pounds of gear, so definitely a heavy hauling pack option. Out of view you have got two aluminum support stays that run either side of the pack, certainly give that some stability, some support. There is also a hollow anti barreling stay that runs across the stay, basically really firms it up, stabilizes it, make sure that there is no barreling. That is you have got weight in this pack that it isn’t turning to twisting on you, pulling away from your back. The two vertical stays can actually be removed. It gives this pack some modularity. When you don’t need it, you want to cut weight, that can be taken out. There is a sewn in frame sheet behind here which, again, adds to that support and stability, makes this capable of all that it is capable of. Where it comes into contact with your back, however, you have got this EVA foam back panel, contoured, nice ergonomics to that, fully padded shoulder harness, fully padded hip belt. And in both those instances you have got an auto camp hip belt that will rotate with you, that will move so that you can twist and turn, do what you need to do, but the pack stays stabilized. Same thing going on here with the harness. Some movement there that, again, allows you to move so you are not restrained, but the weigh of the pack stays exactly where you want and need it to. There are some points of adjustability to lift or raise the placement of those shoulder straps. Load lifter straps certainly adjustable. Sternum strap and also adjustability on the hip belt to really dial in that fit. I will turn the pack back around here and talk a little bit about the fabrication. The Denali actually replaces Gregory’s Denali Pro, a pack that has been just like it is for many, many, many years and has been all over the world again, tops of mountains, deep into the arctic. And one of the big selling points for that pack was it was so rugged. It was so durable. And no one using a pack of that style is going to want to see a change to that. Much lighter weight fabrics here, certainly, but still extremely durable. The trade off you maintain a durable face or exterior to the pack. You have got reinforcements where you need them. You have got {?} protection here in the front with pockets on the outside and contact points that in snow shoes, crampons, ice axes, tools, things like that, really going to weather that. And bolstered construction on the bottom as well. But it is lighter weight fabrics than the old Denali Pro. So much so Gregory has taken a good pound out of the packs, which is incredibly impressive. Here on this pack, it comes in three sizes: small, medium, large in both the 100 capacity and the 75 liter capacity. On the hundred you are looking six pounds one ounce for the small, six pounds seven ounces for the large. So, again, not on the light weight side of packs, but for what this pack does and comparative to its predecessor, you have got a pack that is a pound less, but just as capable in terms of carrying weight and amount of gear. Now undo the lid, get some of this gear out of the way so we can look at the access features of the Denali. Obviously it is a top loading lidded pack. So bend that back. Open this up. A couple of draw string collars inside the pack here to really, really protect the contents of the pack. Obviously I want to open that up, however, so we can take a look. You have got an extendable spin drift collar inside the pack. So when you do need to put some extra gear in there, you have got some expanded capacity. When you don’t need it, it tucks down in and it is not in the way. The lid itself has height adjustability to allow for gear underneath there. You saw I had the pad run underneath the lid. You can also cinch down when you don’t need that space. The lid itself can be removed entirely when you don’t need it and the clip over construction here and, again, those draw string closures would still protect the contents of the pack itself. But you have got nice storage with the lid here. You have got a zippered pocket underneath and you have also got a second zippered pocket in here behind. There is also a nice mesh storage pocket, so a little organization there in the top lid. In addition to that top loading access point, you also have a nice side access to the main pack bag so you can get at some gear if and when you need to without necessarily having to open up that lid. That is a nice feature. There is also very, very large pocketing here on the very face of the pack. So big pocket here and on the other side kind of an adjoining pocket. There is a zippered divider or I should say opening between the two that would allow you to open that up into one really sizable pocket or at least have that pass through capability there. So really nice organization as far as that is concerned, really big bellows pockets here on the side. I have got water bottles thrown in there. The compression that runs across that certainly keeps things in place and cinches down the entire contents of the pack. So really love the organizational features here as well. Sometimes on big expedition style packs you have got a nice opening, everything can go in, but everything has got to come back out if you want to put hands on everything and certainly a bit more organization here. Also a small zippered pocket here on the hip belt. I have thrown my keys in there, but, you know, any small essentials that you want to keep close at hand can tuck right in there on the hip. A number of other features I want to call out here really show that the Denali has got ... is well equipped for back country, also for alpine or mountaineering use as well. Lots and lots of gear loops on this pack. That includes on the waist belt as well. A haul handle here on the back of the pack should you need to hoist this up maybe on ropes, get it where it is going. That is nice feature as well. With mountaineering or potentially climbing in mind, the waist belt is strippable. So you can get some of that support out of the way when you are wearing a climbing harness. So you can strip that down a little bit, nice feature there. Tool attachment points. Really pretty burly tool attachment points here to run ice axes, tuck that in underneath there as well. So, again, really neat features there. Certainly it is a hydration compatible pack. It doesn’t come with a hydration system, but it has got a sleeve, a lined sleeve in here and a hydration hose pass through at the top of the pack bag. You can see the hose there. Another really unique feature here, you have got a removable {?} pack. So you are using this for mountaineering purposes, getting to some point where you are climbing and you are letting out rope for your partner, rather than having to crouch like I am or sit in the snow, you can kneel on the pad. You can sit on the pad, fold it over for a little extra depth, warmth and comfort there. Just a number of features, almost too many to cover here on the Denali series which, I think, really, really points out the fact that with its durable construction, that huge capacity, load hauling capability and then all of these features you are certainly looking at a pack you can trust for expeditions, for extended back packing, anything where you have got to carry a lot of gear, a lot of weight and can’t be bogged down with discomfort or a pack that is just not up to the task.