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Gregory Contour Internal Frame Backpacks

Video by Backcountry Edge
Versatile Gregory Contour internal frame backpacks offer an excellent combination of load-hauling capability, lightweight construction and intuitive access features.

Gregory Contour Internal Frame Backpacks Video

With its excellent combination of light weight construction, load hauling capability and intuitive access features, the Contour series of back packs from Gregory is a versatile option for everything from overnights to fast and light extended trips. The Contour is available in three capacities. So you have got a 70 liter option, a 60 liter option and a 50 liter option. We have got the Contour 60 here. Within each of those capacity options you have got sizing, so small, medium, large, to ensure that you have got an appropriate fit. They share the same suspension system so we will turn the Contour 60 around and take a look at how Gregory has equipped it for back country use. Very low profile shoulder straps here on the harness. You see that is very narrow. It is actually a really unique mono bond architecture going on here. Four layer construction, suirprisably durable, contoured and shaped to deliver a comfortable fit. Also breathable material so you don’t overheat while you are using this pack. That concept carries over into the back panel itself, a really nice textured, perforated padding down the back itself also into the hip belt. There is some open channeling here on the back panel that also allows for some air flow and, again, kind of combats that heat build up. A couple of other quick features to note. You do have a light weight, adjustable sternum strap. Clips to adjust that height run up and down the harness. Integrated load lifter straps at the shoulders and then a broad range of adjustability on the buckled hip belt. Out of view on the Contour is a wire wishbone frame. So it gives it some flexibility, but also some rigidity, very light weight. Contour 60 in either of its three sizes checks in right around four pounds, a little bit under on the smaller of the two sizes. But you have still got some great support and stability because of that framing, that internal framing. You can see that on the hip belt. Either side moves independent of the other. It really enables that hip belt go give you an appropriate fit while you are on the move. And, again, all of these design features drive weight to the hips where anatomically you are best suited to carry that weight comfortably. In addition to that innovative suspension, the Contour definitely shines in terms of pack access. So while it is a top loading pack, basically a single large chamber, it is without a lower sleeping bag compartment, it still gives you great access because there is ways for you to get into that interior from different directions. You have got a top lid on this pack. Not what I would call a traditional top lid. There are some compression features here in the back that give it almost a roll top closure. On top of this pocket it is lined in such a fashion and has a weather resistant zipper that you have got some really nice borderline dry storage on top of the pack, so some better protection than you are finding on many of the lidded pockets on other packs. From underneath that lid you have got draw string closure and compression that runs over top of it. So if you need maximum capacity, great. If you don’t, you can cinch that load down and make sure that the pack remains stable. A nice large stuff pocket here on the front. We have got a wind shirt tucked away in there. Also zippered access to a very large storage compartment in front of the main compartment. You have got some extra layers tucked away in there. There is some zippered pocketing as well, so some organization built into that pocket. You can get in, obviously, to the main compartment through the top, but there is also a zippered access point that lets get your hands right into the interior without having to take off the lid. So that is a nice feature as well. There is some strapping here at the bottom of the pack that is ideal for sleeping pads, even tent poles, muffins, whatever you might want to run across the bottom of the pack. And you can cinch that down. It also doubles as some compression at the bottom of the pack as well. Integrated pocket here in which Gregory does include a rain cover. Again, nice feature adds some real value to the pack. It has got large stretch pockets on either side of the pack. Nice little kind of hide away security pocket behind the water bottle pocket on one side of the pack. That is extremely nice if you are using this for... as a travel pack. Again, taking it abroad, nice to have that tuck away that is basically hidden behind your back while in use. Some zippered hip belt pockets here as well. Also an externally accessed hydration pocket so you don’t eat up any of the storage capacity inside the pack. You also get quick access into that reservoir for emptying it, for filling it, for cleaning it. Some other attachments, gear attachment points on the pack. I really like the loops here for lashing trekking poles, kind of tuck away and maintain that streamlined profile when not in use. Gregory Contour series. Again, just a great feature set. Love the pack access here. Maintains nice weight whether, again, you are using it for an overnight, for extended trips, just a really versatile offering from Gregory.