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Gregory Baltoro Internal Frame Backpacks

Video by Gregory
With a broad array of organizational features and innovative load-carrying suspensions systems, award-winning Gregory Baltoro backpacks are stand-out backcountry performers.

Gregory Baltoro Internal Frame Backpacks Video

Today we are going to take a close look at Gregory’s Baltoro series of backpacks. Well deserved awards won over the years by this series, a real go to for multi day and extended backpacking. Any in depth look at a Gregory backpack should start with the suspension system. On the Baltoro we will be looking at the innovative load bearing AFS suspension system. There is an EVA phone back panel contoured to near the shape of your back and make the pack ride comfortably and cushion against your back. At the lower portion of that panel, in the lumbar section you will see some textured portion that helps to keep this centered on your back which is a really nice feature in terms of stability and load control. There is a connection point behind the lumbar panel in which two independently rotating hip belt panels can maneuver, again, mirror the shape of your body and your movement on the trail. This is especially helpful during off trail scrambling. Because this moves and rotates with your body and this keeps the pack itself centered, you really have great balance, again, great load stability regardless of what type of terrain you are tackling. As you can see, there is pre-curved to the shoulder straps the harness here on the Baltoro. Again, that is going to fit nicely as it wraps across your shoulders and across the chest. As with everything, helps with load stability. Make sure that weight is being transferred downward towards your hips. Excellent padding here. You have got a sternum strap with adjustability for proper placement, load lifter straps as well where these connect to the pack itself. A lot of fine tune adjustments that can be made on that harness to really dial in the fit appropriately for any individual user. That suspension system allows the Baltoro to comfortably carry up to 50 pounds. And that is on the two different capacity sizes of the Baltoro. We are looking at the 60 liter right now. It also comes in a larger 75 liter size. In addition to that suspension system, these packs are also equipped with really nice or-ganizational features. We will start by looking at the lid here on the pack. It is a height adjustable lid. You can see we have got buckles to hold it in place. In the back you can adjust the height on the lid to accommodate larger loads. You can put other layers in un-derneath. You can even take the lid off entirely, if you choose to, to have a little bit more of a streamlined design on the pack itself when you don’t need the extra storage. If you do want or need the extra storage, you have got a nice pocket here on top. You have got a internal pocket as well. And Gregory also equips the lid with its own waist belt. So on days where you need a smaller pack, maybe you have reached base camp or you are doing some smaller summit assaults or side trails, you can take the lid off entirely and use it on its own as a lumbar pack. The pack body is separated into two major compartments. There is a lower front access sleeping bag compartment and then the large upper compartment which has a front access which we will look at and then a more traditional top access. Draw string closer here on the top of the pack back. That allows you to expand capacity when you need it, but you can also cinch that down when you don’t need that extra space and that closure certainly helps to protect the contents of the pack back. Again, we have got the lid off right now, but when that is over the top, you have got even further protection. I mentioned this front access as well, zippered access that gets you straight into that main body, saves you from having to take the lid off and you can quickly put hands on other items inside the pack. There is also a sizable zippered storage pocket here on the face of the pack. And then down below the zippered sleeping back compartment. Got my sleeping bag stashed away in here. There is also panel that currently is separating the upper portion of the pack bag from the lower portion. That can be unclipped, removed and convert the pack into one large single compartment. Some buckle straps here at the bottom, perfect for lashing a sleeping pad or other gear to the face of the pack. A lot of other nice organizational features on the Batloros as well. You can see an ex-tremely large side bellows pocket here, zippered on the side panel. Stash all kinds of gear here. There is one on each side of the pack. There is trekking pole loops, really nice ad-justable gear attachment points, compression straps, side compression straps that would allow you to store other gear on the sides, tent poles, again, a sleeping pad or just cinch down the load when you aren’t taking full advantage of the entire capacity of the pack. Zippered hip belt pockets, one on each side. There is a stretch pocket on one side of the pack, the other side of the pack that is nice for water bottles. There is also this {?} water bottle pocket that actually nicely positions the bottle for you to reach back and grab while you are on the move on the trail. And this pocket actually can tuck away entirely when not in use and keep a nice streamlined profile to the pack and keep that pocket out of your way. There is also inside the pack a lined sleeve which houses a hydration system, hydration system would be sold separately. It has got integrated ports that allow the hose to come right out of the pack itself and a little clip to keep that hose where you like it right in front of you when you are on the go. Again, Baltoro, just a great balance of performance, carrying features. You can carry a lot of weight and you can carry a lot of weight comfortably. And as organizational features let you put hands on exactly what you need on the move and once you have reached the end of a long day on the trail.