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Exped SynMat Series Sleeping Pads

Video by Backcountry Edge
Exped SynMat Series inflatable sleeping pads are built for year-round use. An integrated hand pump makes inflation simple and microfiber insulation ensures excellent cold-weather performance.

Exped SynMat Series Sleeping Pads Video

We are going to take a closer look at exped Synmat series of inflatable sleeping pads These innovative pads have built in hand pumps and integrated synthetic insulation. We are looking specially on the at the Synmat 9 and this is a long line version of the Synmat pad 26 inches in width, 77 inches in length, 3 ½ inches in thickness. There is slightly lighter weight more compact version of this Synmat, it is the Synmat 7, it comes in a couple of different lengths all of which are 2.8 inches thick and 20 inches in width, rather than this rather strong 26 inches. Nice one more value on the Synmat 9 6.0 still way more value on the 7th slightly lower in number of 4.9 all of this would be suitable for year round use. Really durable face fabric on the Synmat, to hold up against year round use. A texture surface on top feels nice next to skin but also kind of helps to keep you in place during the nite. Slightly larger side rails a little deeper a little broader, it works like bump again to keep you on the pad during the nite. You wanna flip this pad over and we will take a little closer look at the hand pump and at the valve technology on this Synmat. Do you want to point out the vertical bafflers on the Synmats there is a well in constructions that helps to cut down on any cold spots or dead spots, also helps to stabilize the mat on the hole so you got a nice comfortable consistent stable base during the nite. Synmats are equipped with expeds innovative flat valves, there is deflate and inflate valves which we would look at first. I have almost fully inflated this Synmat but I did leave a little emptiness there so I can show you how this pumps works. You open the inflate valve, it is designed in such away that air does not escape from this part air can only go in through the inflate valve. There is some call out here to where you would place you hand initially make sure that air can get into the pump chamber press down and the air is pushed into the pad itself. Back up and inflate the pad, doing so enable you to introduce air into the interior of the pad without any moisture en trying the pad. Traditionally you gonna blow a pad and in the process you put moisture inside the pad that over time can degrade that pad start to wear it down and shorten the life span of the pad. Flat valves address that issue and make sure that moisture is not entering in to the interior of the Synmat. Flat also make deflation very simple the morning that you are ready to pack up flip open that deflate valve you immediately hearing air escaping as you fold and roll the pad that air again will continue to escaping through that deflate flat valve until you are able to fully pack away the pad. Each Synmat does come with a stuff sack adjuster and closure there on top also included is a field repair kit, in-case you should run into any issue while you are on your trip. The Synmat 9 weighs roughly 2 ½ pounds (41 ounces) and you can see the size it packs down to. Someone on the large side for an inflatable sleeping pad that keep I mind you have also got that synthetic insulation in that warm more value still definitely pad packing worthy, Synmat 7 not quite as warm a little lighter in weight and a little more compressible small in pack size. All in all Synmat is just a great option for year round back packing.