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Exped SynMat Sleeping Pads

Video by Exped
Award-winning Exped SynMat sleeping pads offer warmth and comfort for year-round backpacking and camping..

Exped SynMat Sleeping Pads Video

Hi everybody. Kaj here in the Exped workshop and today we want to give you a feel for some of the technical details about the Exped SynMats. SynMats you will recognize by their terracotta color, or their burnt orange color, and it is important to note that our mats are broken into various chambers. You can see those chambers separated here on this demo mat.


What I want to do is give you a feel for what is happening on the inside of one of those chambers. I am going to draw a little picture here. Consider this one of these chambers in cross section. Inside we have insulation and that insulation fills that chamber completely. Something that is exclusive to Exped is this technology where we bond that insulation to the top piece of the mat and we also bond that insulation down here to the bottom piece of the mat. That is really important because you want this insulation to fill the entire chamber. That is how you got those high R values that Exped is known for. You have to fill that chamber completely and if you don’t bond it top and bottom you can’t pull that insulation apart and fill the entire chamber.


To illustrate that I have got a piece of railroad tie to simulate what happens to insulation when it has been stored. When it has been compressed it does not fill the chamber so when you have bonded the top and the bottom of that insulation and you inflate the mat, you fill, completely, that chamber and you have very good insulation at that point. So that is what is going on inside of SynMat, very important hidden point. So sleep well and we will see you out there.