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How to Inflate An Exped Sleeping Pad

Video by Exped
Tips for inflating an Exped sleeping pad with an integrated pump.

Exped Pad Inflation Video

Hi, I’m Kaj Bune from Exped in North America. We are here in Zurich, Switzerland at Exped headquarters with Andy Brun, head innovator here at Exped. Andy is going to walk us through the inflation technique for an Exped pad with an integrated pump, in this case the Syn 7 Pump. Andy?


Thanks Kaj. Let me show you how I do this. There are several ways but this is the usual thing that I do. Take out the mat when you are coming to camp so I suggest that you just put the mat into your tent and roll it out. Open the inflation valve and just let it sit for a while. After maybe half an hour to an hour it will be self inflated by maybe a third to half of its volume, so it already does the work itself.



OK, you have opened the inflation valve already so there are two hands drawn on here so place your hand exactly how it shows, left one here, right one here, and then just start to push. I do it slowly first but you can increase the speed and you can do it as fast as you wish. You can even make a little competition out of it. It will take you typically about one and a half minutes; if you are real fast maybe a minute I’d say.


As you can see it has already grown up. Now make sure that your hand is in the back and acts as a closing valve. Each time that you push down your back hand closes the valve which is the inflation valve and this way it pushes in the air which is soaked up by the foam into the mat. Now it is almost full. I really like it fully inflated because the more that it is inflated the warmer it is. And there you go.


Now, close the valve. The best way is to just go around with your thumb and push it down. As you see now this part, the integrated pump, is not fully inflated. To make sure that it is also inflated there is a simple. Just push down on the inner one way valve and you will see how the air comes back and inflates the integrated pump. Now there you go. Have fun.