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Exped DownMat Sleeping Pad

Video by Exped
Providing unmatched warmth and comfort for 4-season backpacking, the insulated Exped DownMat 9 inflatable sleeping pad has a high R-value and its own built-in pump.

Exped DownMat Sleeping Pad Video

Hey gang, Kai here with Exped. We’re out and about in the mountains today and thought we’d take an opportunity here to talk to you a bit about out DownMat. Exped’s DownMat is designed with two concepts in mind. One is, it’s designed for the coldest places on the planet. So it’s been taken to the Himalayas, Antarctica, to the North Pole and so on. So it’s designed to go to extremely cold places and the down that we use inside, the 700 fill down that fills the chambers, is the perfect insulation to keep the mat very light, very compact, very warm, very resilient over time. But, the second group of users that we really want to hit with the DownMat, are those people who sleep cold. So yes, super cold places on the planet but there are many people who identify themselves as cold sleepers. I identify myself as a warm sleeper but others definitely say, “Yeah, I’m a cold sleeper”; that’s the other thing that DownMat does so well. It might be moderate temperatures but you’ve got to insulate that cold sleeper from that very cold, heat hungry earth. So that’s what the DownMat is designed to do; to be super warm for both of those circumstances. Now, DownMat comes in two thicknesses. What we have here is 7cm thickness and it also comes in 9cm thickness. The 7cm has an R-value of 5.9 and the 9cm an R-value of 8. Both mats you can take anywhere in the coldest conditions. Obviously if you’re going to the extreme cold and you’re a cold sleeper, you’ll probably want a DownMat 9 but both will do very well in extreme cold. DownMat 7 is a little bit more compressible and a little bit more lighter. Now, The DownMat 7 comes in three sizes; small, medium and what we call long/wide, which we have here. DownMat 9 comes in medium and long/wide. Well, let’s talk a little bit about how you use this mat and it’s really quite simple. I should say that you’ll notice that we have length wide chambers separated by baffles. So that controls the down flowing between chambers, which we don’t want. The question always arises, the down’s not going to be self inflating how do I inflate this thing? So what we’ve done is given DownMat an integrated pump. This is a chunk of foam with an intake valve and of course we have a deflate valve to get the air out. So let me show you how that goes just by letting some air out and then we’ll top it off again. So I’m going to open the deflate valve, right here, and by the way these are our flat valve so there’s no mechanics involved here. There is no spring, no plastic to break; you can step on one of these things and it’s not going to break. Not true with plastic valves that you see in other mats. Flat valves are great that way. So we’ve let a little bit of air out and now I’m going to close the deflate valve so the air left in there stays in there. Remember that important tip. I’m going to open the inflate valve here on the pump and you can see there are two hands here. What that’s telling you is this is where you place your hands to pump the mat. You want to make sure that you cover this valve with the palm of your hand on the down stroke so that the air goes into the mat and not back out here. I’ll show you how it goes. It’s like doing CPR on your mat. A DownMat 7 long/wide, like this, takes anywhere from a little over a minute to a minute and a half. DownMat 9 is a minute and three quarters of something like that. You can see how it’s just about topped off now. So I’ll bring it up to where I like a mat, which is pretty firm, couple of extra strokes at the end and then I’m going to close the inflate valve. Now a little trick that I want to show you is this one way valve coming out of this foam pump. If you want to back flow some air to inflate this you can just reach and squeeze that which opens the valve and lets some air back in. It doesn’t affect the mat’s performance but it’s a nice little trick. And there we have it. DownMat 7, ready for a night’s sleep. Thanks a lot, sleep well and see ya next time.