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Exped DownMat Series Sleeping Pads

Video by Backcountry Edge
Innovative Exped DownMat Series inflatable sleeping pads are ready-made for 4-season use. A built-in pump makes inflation simple and 700-fill goose down insulation delivers extreme warmth.

Exped DownMat Series Sleeping Pads Video

Let me show you the Exped Downmat its extremely innovative pad fully insulated 700 which makes it extremely warm offering also has an integrated hand pump and we I will see how that works and why that is important. Extremely durable face fabric on the downmat series which again gives it durability for year round use, which also a slight texturing to it, nice next to skin comfort also helps to keep you in place a little bit on the pad. You can see the baffling here, vertical baffles, internal construction this are welded it helps not only to eliminate cold spots but also stabilizes the mats. Making that have a much more comfortable base. The outside baffles are slightly broader slightly higher almost work like beams to help keep you on the pad. Internally as I mentioned at the opening, there is laminated 700 fill [goose down] insulation inside this pad which gives the Downmat 7 an extremely warm 5.9 R-value. So Its great for snow camping or cold weather back packing or camping. F lip the down mat over and take a look at the hand pump, traditionally, inflatable sleeping pads require you to blow into the pad itself that introduces moisture into the interior of the sleeping pad and over time can degrade the interior of the pad, basically shorten its lifespan. An integrated hand pump helps to avoid that. I have opened up on of the flap valves here. Flap valve construction also made the Exped sleeping pad pretty unique. His is the inflate, there is also the deflate valve at the head of the pad By opening this you see a couple of hand prints that show you exactly where to place your hands. I have nearly fully inflated the Downmat but just to give you a sense put your hand over pad with a little bit of an opening that allows air into the chamber, press down and it takes the air that is in the chamber and pushes it into the interior of the pad itself, it won't let the air escape. Up down, up and down until you have fully inflated that pad. Close the inflate flat valve and you have got a fully inflated pad. To deflate the pad open that deflating valve and blow out the pad, allowing air to escape the pad and enter into its compressed stage. Flat valve technology also makes the deflation very simple in the morning wen you are ready to pack up, open that deflating valve and you immediately hear air coming out of the pad, roll the pad, fold the pad, put it away and because of that flat valve, air is going to escape easily and freely. We were looking specifically at the Downmat 7 medium. Full dimensions on that pad 72 inches long, 20 inches wide, 2.8 inches thick. Again really comfortable pace talk about the 5.9 r value, its warm pad as well. It isn’t the lightest pad in the market, 30 ounces, still definitely back packing worthy. If you are looking for something even bigger, more sprawling and even warmer, there's a Downmat 9 which is a full 3 inches thick, wider, longer, and it also is a little bit heavier as well but the R Value of that pad is 8.0 which makes it extremely warm. Each Downmat comes with its own integrated stuff sack, there is a little pocket inside that houses a field repair kit, should you run into any issues. Downmat series from Exped, definitely something that can be used year round and a go to pad for cold weather camping or back packing.