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Exped Air Pillow

Video by Exped
Extremely lightweight, compact and durable, the Exped Air Pillow compliments any nights sleep in the backcountry.

Exped Air Pillow Video

Hi everybody, Kaj here. We want to give you a feel today for Exped Air Pillow. It is a super compact, super light pillow that really takes away any excuses for not bringing a pillow into the backcountry when it is this small and this light. What comes out of that little stuff sack is this guy. Grey side , Ruby Red side. Ruby Red is the sleeping side. On the Grey side you have an inflate valve, it says inflate right on it, and you’ve got a deflate valve. When you want to inflate, make sure that you have got the deflate valve is closed, open the inflate valve and it takes about two breaths, maybe a tad bit more if your want to top it off and make it a bit more firm. Let’s see if I can do it in two breaths. There we go. Close the valve and these are flat valves just like on Exped mats so they don’t protrude at all and they are very long lasting and very durable. So what you get is a pillow that is a little higher on one side, lower on the other, contoured in the middle. It gives you different positions for your head so if you are a back sleeper, it’s got a position for you. If you are a side sleeper, it’s got a position for you and everyone is a little different when it comes to pillows. That variation in shape makes it really easy to find a comfortable position. You can wrap this with a fleece jacket. That works really well if you want it to be even softer but it works just great the way that it is. Now a couple of little things, on the inflate valve the is a very small flapper valve, just like on Exped mats, so in the night if you decide that you want it to be a little bit softer all you have to do is reach in and push. It lets a little bit of air out with each one of those little punches. Then you can close it back up and you have got a slightly softer pillow. So to deflate you open the deflate valve and I like to just take it and scrunch it up in my fists, close the valve and then you can roll it back up into its stuff sack and it is super small again. So that’s Air Pillow. Sleep tight.