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Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Rain Tarp

The DryFly rain tarp from Eagles Nest Outfitters shelters your hammock in wet conditions.

Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly Video

So we’re set up here under the Eagles Nest Outfitters DryFly; this is ENO’s, ah probably, most versatile and has the best ability to batten down the hatches, so to speak, with this tarp. You can see it’s got these rounded catenary cuts, rounded on both sides of it so it gives you a lot of versatility and helps water drain off of it at these points instead of just dripping at various places around the tarp. Unlike some of their other tarps it has six points you can tie out to, three on each side, that’s one way it’s versatile. And you can see here, if the weather was real bad we have this side kind of tensioned down at the ground so you’ve almost got a wall that’s sort of blocking you if you’re in the hammock versus this side over here which is opened up. It’s guyed out to a tree so it’s up a little bit higher and you get a lot of air flow moving through, it’s a very comfortable open feeling. All six points on the DryFly have this bound, webbing edge and it also has, you can see, a loop here so if you didn’t like the set up that comes with it you could go ahead and rig something up of your own but all six of them also have this LineLoc feature which is fantastic and easy to use. It comes with this waxed cord that’s running through it and if you lift it, I can loosen it up so you lose tension on the fly, which is a nice way to go about setting it up so it’s easy. And then you’re just going to kinds pull, and it snugs it in and that LineLoc just holds that cord there nice and snug so you can put as much tension on there as you can pull and it really firms that fly up nice and tight so you get good run off in rain and bad weather.