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Deuter SL Women's Backpacks

Video by Deuter
With shorter torso lengths and anatomically-curved shoulder straps and hipbelts, Deuter SL Women's Backpacks deliver the gender-specific hiking and backpacking performance that female adventurers demand.

Deuter SL Women's Backpacks Video

Women have shorter backs than men. The average height of a woman is 1.68 meters. Here at Deuter, our team has developed an SL series especially for women.


The shoulder straps on our women’s SL models are narrower and a little shorter. The shoulder strap anchor point also has a narrower design and the straps run at a more acute angle. The back lengths of the women’s models are a little shorter than those of the men’s versions. The hip fins are conical and sit perfectly on women’s hips. This conical form is especially important in order to achieve a good fit for the female anatomy.


The narrower shoulder straps should sit on either side of the bosom with the chest strap positioned above it. Like many women Heidi has a slightly shorter back, making the shorter back shape of the Deuter SL series ideal for her. A handy tip for women; the Deuter SL models can easily be identified in sports and outdoor stores by their flower.