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Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Ski Snow Pack

Video by Backcountry Edge
Drawing on true alpine experience, the Deuter Freerider Pro 30 pack offers varied carry options and organizational solutions for winter sports. With stand-out features and 30 liters of carrying capacity, this pack is ready for backcountry adventure.

Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Ski Snow Pack Video

Today we are looking at the Deuter Freerider Pro 30 Ski and Snow pack. This is your do it all winter sports pack that is going to allow you to carry skis, a snow board, snow shoes and all the accessories you need for a day trip in the back country. So we have the pack turned around so that you can see the back panel. And this is Deu-ter’s alpine back system. You do have a lot of air flow up and down so this is really go-ing to keep you dry by reducing sweat while you are hiking. If you go down to the hip belt, this is actually a pivoting hip belt and you can see that. So, you know, you are going to have really good range of motion and that pack isn’t going to feel really stiff on your back and on your hips. On one side of the hip belt you do have a small pocket big enough for a cell phone or a camera. The other side of the hip belt there is actually a tool belt. So you just have one hip belt pocket. The sternum strap on the harness comes with a little whistle. So that is a nice safety fea-ture that is built right into the harness. If I turn the pack around you can see that we have some snow shoes strapped to it. And a really great feature about a lot of winter packs is you have access to the body of the pack right in the back panel. So you don’t have to take all the gear that you have stored on the outside of the front of your pack in order to get into the main compartment. So if I fold that down you can see how wide that opens. This green zipper runs all the way down to the bottom of the pack. So you can open this up like a piece of luggage. You can get any-thing that you need to in the main body of the pack. And you can also get to your... this is a water bladder compartment right here. So you can refill your water. I mentioned this little feature right here. It is this little mat. So we have loaded the pack up with some gear. I have got a snow board attached to the back and I have also got lots of other gear items in there. And I must say with this packed out, I feel really stable and I don’t feel top heavy with the pack. I feel like I have a lot of control if I wanted to, you know, hike in the back country. So overall it carries really well. I am going to take the pack off and show some of the other pocketing and awesome fea-tures. You can see I have a helmet attached to the front here. And this is just a stretchy mesh net that you can store away in a pocket if you are not using it for a helmet. But this makes it really easy access to your helmet if you want to carry it that way. You have access to all your zippers even when it is packed with a snowboard. And I want to show this gobble pocket, definitely big enough for a pair of goggles, a pair of gloves. This is lined with a media friendly material. So that is definitely fleece lined. And you still have access to some of these pockets. Again, you have access to the entire body of the pack with this green zipper that runs all the way down the side. Too, I will mention, you do have a water bottle, a stretchy water bottle pocket on either side if you choose to use that, some gear loops, but all in all it carries a snow board really well. The organization on this pack is really smart and the features abound. So I am going to start at the bottom. You have two ice tool loops or ice axe loops and these are adjustable which makes it really nice. You can really cinch that down. Next to that you have two elastic loops for any sort of gear. Going up the main front of the pack you have really durable materials. And this is going to hold up really well against snow shoes, snow boards, skis, something that is going to be really abrasive against the pack. So, you know, all the materials right on the front of the pack are super rugged. We go to the side. This is a great area to carry skis. You can also carry ski skins. There is a big loop up here to carry gear and, of course, you have your stretchy pocket for a water bottle. If I open up the front pocket this is actually kind of a shallow pocket. It is built specifical-ly for a shovel and it has got an integrated probe sleeve right there, so this pocket goes down all the way to the bottom of the pack. So, I mean, it is a deep pocket and it opens up really wide. It is pretty shallow. You do have a lot of organization within this pocket, mesh, pocket here, a little small mesh pocket in the bottom and two compartments up here. This is also where the helmet net is kept if you are not using it. The many features, carry options and uses for this snow pack make it an awesome choice for any day trip in the back country. The Deuter Freerider Pro 30.