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Deuter Aircontact Series Backpacks

Video by Backcountry Edge
With ample storage, rugged durability and comforable load-carrying capability, Dueter internal frame Aircontact backpacks are ideal for extended backpacking trips and trekking adventures.

Deuter Aircontact Series Backpacks Video

We're looking at the Aircontact series from Deuter. This series is built to carry heavy loads and carry them a long way. The two packs that we've got here are the Aircontact 75+10 and then a slightly smaller women's version, the Aircontact 70+10 SL. When you turn the Aircontact around, you get a good look at why this does so well under heavy loads. You've got substantial padding here in columns up the back. You've got excellent padding on the shoulder straps, down on the lumbar padding and onto the hipbelt as well. There's a system here called the Vari-Quick system. You'll see basically a ladder here. By pulling up on the Velcro, changing the positioning of that harness, this will really fit a wide range of torso lengths. Down below on the Vari-Flex hipbelt, it is positioned in such a way that it pivots with your movement and allows the load to stay stabilized on your hips, even while you're on the go. Out of view, behind the padding are twin aluminum stays that run in an X pattern across the back and really stabilize that load and give excellent support. There's also an HDPE framesheet hidden beneath the padding here which tensions everything up and supports those heavy loads. The structure on the women's model is nearly identical to that found on the men's model. Here on the Vari-Quick harness you will see an SL indication. That specifies that it's a women's model. There's a differing, slightly shorter range of adjustability there, intended to accommodate a female user. The placement of the harness, the contouring and placement of the padding is intended to better accommodate the female form. Same premise though, Vari-Flex hipbelt same criss-cross aluminum stays for support and that padding throughout. A stand-out feature on the Aircontact certainly that load-carrying capability, but there's also great access and organizational features here as well. Fairly traditional top loader. We've got the lid. On that lid, there's a storage pocket above. There's also a storage pocket below. Deuter also imprints SOS instructions inside the panel, which is a nice feature. You'll see the storm collar here with a drawcord closure, also a secondary drawcord closure. Basically, there's some expansiveness here should you need to add some extra layers or other gear. The lid itself adjusts in height to accommodate if you're using that extended capacity. We'll close the lid here. On the face you can see some really solid daisy chain attachment points. Other gear attachment loops as well. On the very bottom of the front of the pack bag, there's a zippered access that gets you into a sleeping bag compartment. So you can put hands on that easily when you get where you're going. There's a separated internal panel between that sleeping bag compartment and the compartment above it. You can also move that out of the way if you prefer to use a single, large compartment. What I really like on this pack is that it also has front access. A zipper here runs all the way to the top and allows you to peel back this face and get right into the pack itself and put hands on things without having to take off the lid or come in through the top of the backpack. Big burly zippers lock down, close the buckles and off you go. Each side of the pack has integrated compression straps to keep anything you might be securing outside of the pack in place, but also to cinch down the pack bag itself. You've got a stretch pocket here at the bottom and underneath the compression straps on this side of the pack, you've got a pretty nice zippered stash pocket. The other side of the pack does not have that stash pocket. It does have the compression straps, another stretch pocket here and it also has a nice sizable zippered pocket on the hipbelt. Another really nice feature found throughout the Aircontact series is the integrated raincover that's tucked here in the bottom of the pack in its own zippered pocket. It's clipped in place, stays where it should, but wraps right over the pack to protect it in ugly weather.