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Deuter Aircontact PRO 70+15 Backpack

Video by Backcountry Edge
With an array of features and a trail-tested German-engineered suspension system, the Deuter Aircontact PRO 70+15 internal frame pack is built for backcountry adventure.

Deuter Aircontact PRO 70+15 Backpack Video

This is the Deuter Aircontact Pro 70+15. This is a heavy weight hauler pack. So it is great for really long days on the trail and its excellent suspension system will allow you to ad-just the pack for a really dialed in fit. As well as the organizational features will allow you to keep all your gear right where you need it. Since this is a load hauling pack, the suspension system is set up to give you really good control when you have a heavy weight in here. So Deuter puts this pack at around... the load carrying capacity at around 65 pounds or more. You know, so this is... this is going to really hold up when you put a lot of gear in it. And that is attributed to the suspension system. So it is Deuter’s very flex suspension system. This is going to adjust from 14 inches up to a 22 inch torso. So you have a wide range of adjustability. And I will just show you sort of how to adjust. It is really easy. There is a piece of Velcro in there and all you have to do is fold that down and you see this orange webbing strap here. As you adjust all the straps on here you can push the shoulder harness down, tighten this webbing strap, tuck it in and then secure the Velcro back. It adjusts... it says small up to extra large. And so it is really easy to adjust. You can dial in the fit right on the trail. You have got a really smart design with the organization of this pack. So starting on the hip belt you do have this one hip belt pocket big enough to store a cell phone or a camera, granola bar, whatever you would need to have right at hand. On the side you have got a water bottle holder on either side of the pack. And that is pretty easy to get to when you are actually wearing the pack, because you can angle the water bottle a little bit. You do have a compression strap on the side. So if you have a smaller water bottle it will definitely fit in there pretty well. I just have a regular size in there right now. Turn the pack to the front. We have got a pretty large pocket here and then I just have sort of a sleeping bag in there, but it is really wide opening. So you can get a lot of ... pretty big sleeping bag in there in that bottom compartment. You see this blue zipper right there. This is a divider between the bottom compartment and the body of the pack. So you can really, you know, compartmentalize that. If you have other gear in here that you need to store, you know, the whole way up and down the pack, you can actually zip that away and just have one big pocket. There is an integrated rain cover that comes with the pack and that is stored in the bot-tom. There is a pocket right in here and the rain cover actually comes with the pack. So you can see it there. When you don’t need it, zip it away. And you do have some loops here, some tool loops as well as a daisy chain on the front of the pack. All right, turn the pack to the side. You have two compression straps so if you don’t have the pack full you can really compress that down. And you do have a long zippered pock-et that actually expands out pretty far. You have one on either side of this pack. Obviously you can get into the body of the pack from the top and a large U-shaped zipper to get into the body of the pack. Some more organization. This allows your gear to stay inside the pack and you can still sort of rummage around through there. If you don’t need that you can obviously tuck it away. But that is, you know, that is a pretty large opening. You can get to the top and to the bottom through this large U-shaped zipper. Again, the top portion of the pack will come completely off. And if you aren’t using the extra 15 liters of space that is right up here, if you need to use that the top compartment will actually adjust up and down to accommodate for how much gear you have in there. So you can see really how much space you can really expand this pack out. I mentioned that the top compartment comes completely off of this pack. And so I have taken it off of there. One thin I will mention if you for some reason don’t want to use this top compartment, you don’t have the pack completely packed out, you can leave this at home and just sort of roll up the top of the pack there. But it does come with these inter-esting sort of back pack straps. So you can take this as a day pack. Deuter calls it a sum-mit pack. Just you just snap it on to there and the you have your day pack. With its large load carrying capacity, versatile suspension system and awesome organiza-tional features, this pack is going to keep you comfortable for long days on the trail.