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Deuter Aircontact PRO 65+15 SL Women's Backpack

Video by Backcountry Edge
With an array of features and a trail-tested German-engineered suspension system, the Deuter Aircontact PRO 65+15 SL internal frame pack is built for backcountry adventure.

Deuter Aircontact PRO 65+15 SL Women's Pack Video

I am wearing the Deuter Aircontact PRO 65+15 SL. This is a full featured hauler pack, perfect for long days on the trail. This pack has amazing organizational features, so it is going to help you keep you gear exactly where you need it. We mentioned this was a load hauling pack and Deuter designed this pack specifically with a back panel so it can carry up to loads of 65 pounds or even more. So we want to get right down into the suspension system of this pack. This is the compact PRO SL and what the SL means is that it is going to have a little bit shorter torso. The shoulder harness is going to be shorter and the shoulder harness is ac-tually... each harness is actually a little bit thinner. There is going to be a shorter distance from here to here so, you know, that is going to accommodate a smaller frame a little bit better. And the hip belt is actually designed to fit more of women’s hips. So this is sort of designed as women’s pack, but this is also great for someone wit a smaller frame. This does adjust from 13 inches up to 20 inches. So a lot of adjustability in the torso and we will show you how to adjust that torso. Adjusting the shoulder harness is pretty easy. And we are going to show you how to do it. There is a Velcro strip right here and you fold this section back. So you can see this bright orange webbing strap here. As you pull on this webbing strap the shoulders are go-ing to drop. On the edge of this it has large, medium, small, extra small and that goes, you know, from 13 up to 20 inch torso. So once you tighten that orange strap, tuck it in, secure the Velcro and then you are ready to go. If we go to the bottom of the pack you can see there is this extra compartment and that houses the rain cover that comes with this Deuter pack. The organization and pockets on this pack is really smart. We are going to start with the hip belt. There is one hip belt pocket big enough for a phone, granola bar, camera. You turn it to the front. We are going to start at the bottom. You have a pretty sizable sleeping bag compartment, a couple of loops. And I will mention you do have really durable fab-rics on the bottom of the pack. So it is going to hold up to wear and tear better than some of these lighter weight fabrics up top. The sleeping bag compartment opens up really wide so I don’t have a sleeping bag stuffed down. I just have it in there, but you can see how big that pocket is. There is a divider. You can see this blue zipper right here. It is a divider between the sleeping bag compartment and the main body of the pack so you can keep that compartmentalized or you can use it as one big pocket. You can see some compression straps also for storage. This next pocket is pretty unique. This will get you into the main body of the pack and it is a large U shaped pocket. So that opens up pretty wide almost like a piece of luggage. But you can get into the top and into the bottom of the pack with this pocket. Of course, you can get into the top of the pack through the opening at the top as well. You have got two water bottle pockets, one on either side. And along the side you do have a pretty long zippered pocket that can expand out pretty wide. I don’t have anything stuffed in there, but definitely big enough for some shorter tent poles, an extra layer. The top of the pack is expandable. So you, if you choose to pack out this extra 15 liters that is in the top of the pack here, this top compartment will definitely adjust up and down. And so this is, you know, what the plus 15 means. This part is, you know, a true 15 liters that if you need to add some extra gear you do have all of this extra space in the pack. Inside the main body you do have a hydration sleeve where you can put a bladder and you have the port on either side. So all in all, really great organization. I mentioned that the top compartment of the pack comes completely off and you can use this in a variety of ways. If you just don’t need this extra space you can leave this at home and, you know, take the pack in a lighter weight version. Or you can actually use this as a day pack or a summit pack. It comes with these cool little back pack straps. So you can take that off and actually just use it as a day pack when you need to just take a few items with you. With its many features, load hauling suspension system and versatile fit, this pack will be comfortable after long days in the back country.