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Deuter ACT Zero Backpacks

Video by Backcountry Edge
Designed for experienced backpackers intent on hiking fast-and-light without sacrificing fit and comfort, award-winning Deuter ACT Zero backpacks effectively balance weight and performance.

Deuter ACT Zero Backpacks Video

I have got on the Deuter ACT Zero internal frame back pack. We are going to take a closer look at the features that make this pack so versatile whether you are using it for overnight trips or for extended back packing. The ACT Zero has been garnering awards for a number of years. In fact, it won Outside magazine’s gear of the year in 2011. Deuter has done some updates since then, though, as well, to make it even more versatile. There is a men’s version the ACT Zero 50 plus 15. Also a women’s version, the ACT Zero 45 plus 15 SL. The most significant difference you can see that there is color differences. But it is really the contouring of the hip belt. It is the placement of the shoulder straps, a bit narrower here on the women’s pack. Again, just making sure that that female back packer is getting the best fit that she can get. Nice clean profile on the ACT Zero pack so you don’t have a lower sleeping bag com-partment. It really consists of a single main compartment. It is a lidded pack with top en-try, also has an expandable spin drift collar, so there is more space underneath here than we are showing the pack currently. It is a height adjustable lid so that lid can lift to ac-commodate when you are carrying heavier loads or carrying more equipment or clothes. That lid can come off entirely and we will take a closer look at that before we are done. If you choose to do that, the roll top closure here actually allows you to shed some weight, but still protects the contents of the pack. Compression strapping all throughout the pack so you can cinch down that load and also lash gear externally. Ok. We have removed that lid. You can see this roll top closure in place here. Buckle that down. And, again, you have shed some weight on the pack it self. You are still pro-tecting the interior, internal contents of that pack. Deuter throws in some strapping so that removed lid can be used as a small, stream lined summit pack. Again, just increases the versatility on the pack on the whole. There is duel compartments in here, a zippered compartment across the top, a zippered compartment underneath. So it is extra storage when it is on the pack or just a nice little organizational features if you are using this as a summit pack. To touch on the other organizational features here on the pack itself, you have got stretch pockets on either side of the pack. Got water bottle in here, got a small sleeping pad on the other side. Nice big stretch pocket here on the front of the pack. You have got an ex-tra layer tucked away. Gear attachment points, trekking pole, loops, ice axe loops and hardware to clip those pieces in place so you know you don’t lose them along the way. I am going to turn the ACT Zero around and we will take a look at its suspension system. It utilizes Deuter’s air contact back system. So you have got really nice padding down here on the lumbar portion of the back panel, nice padding on the fully wrapped hip belt. And that padding continues on to the shoulder straps as well as the upper portion of the back panel. You have got Deuter’s very quick harness system. A simple pull on the Vel-cro undo the harness and you can adjust the height. So it accommodates varying torso lengths. Starts a little taller, comes a little taller on the men’s pack than you will find on the ACT Zero 45 plus 15 the SL version of that pack. In both cases you have got load lifter straps. You have got an adjustable sternum strap. The hip belt that we mentioned which also has various points of adjustability, so you really can dial in that fit. It is, again, the Deuter ACT Zero series of internal frame back packs, award winning fea-tures, affordable price as well on these packs. Just makes them extremely versatile for varying types of backcountry use.