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Introduction to Crescent Moon Snowshoes

Video by Crescent Moon
Committed to eco-friendly manufacturing, Crescent Moon snowshoes also deliver high-performance with secure and easy-to-use bindings, ergonomic frames and responsive traction.

Introduction to Crescent Moon Snowshoes Video

Hi I’m Jake Thamm, President and Co-Founder of the Crescent Moon Snowshoe Company, here at the Chautauqua City Park in beautiful Boulder Colorado where we have been making our eco-friendly snowshoes since 1997. We are committed to building our products as green and as earth friendly as possible and we continue to research alternatives for both the components that we use and the way in which we manufacture them. We think that it’s a paradox to build outdoor products that aren’t environmentally friendly or consistent to the outdoor world in which they are used, which is why we have eliminated PVC, we recycle everything, and we use wind powered energy to run our shop. Sort of like the Ben and Jerry’s of the snowshoe industry. Today I’m here to answer the question, “Why would you choose Crescent Moon Snowshoes when there are so many other brands to pick from?” Now in any snowshoe you consider, there are three fundamental points that you should look at. First and foremost is the binding. The second thing is the shape of the shoe. The third thing is the traction system on the back. The SPL Binding, or Single Pull Loop, is the only binding that captures your foot in all directions with equal tension to translate the motion of your foot in the most effective, performance oriented way. The binding is anatomically shaped for a perfect fit and with a simple pull of the top strap and a ratcheting adjustment of the heel strap; the SPL conforms to the shape and the movement of your foot, capturing it in all directions. Not only from top down, but from side to side and most uniquely, from front to back. The SPL is the only binding that captures your foot in all directions. Getting out of the SPL binding is as simple as pulling on the release loop, squeezing the ratcheting buckle binding in the back, and removing your foot. Now there are only 2 ways to mount a binding on a snowshoe. One is called a Fixed Rotation, and the other is called a Free Rotation. On a fixed rotation shoe, like all of the Crescent Moons, with each step you take the tail of the shoe follows closely behind the natural motion of your heel. So you can lift your foot over a rock, or a tree, or a fence, or whatever you might typically encounter on your outing. Now this, as opposed to a free rotation shoe is designed to freely rotate around an axel located near the ball of your foot so that with each step the tail of the shoe drags behind you and is much less maneuverable, and we believe, less enjoyable than a shoe that mimics your stride. Crescent Moon Snowshoes are designed to maximize your mobility and provide you with a natural easy stride. They are the most athletic shoe on the market. The last thing to look at, on any snowshoe, is the traction system. Crescent Moon has a unique toe-claw that provides a unique and natural rotation of your foot and most importantly the use of your toe in every step. That is particularly important when you are going uphill since your toe is the last thing to leave the ground and you use them to push off for greater traction. Other designs which don’t include toe-claws don’t give you nearly the traction that you get from a Crescent Moon binding. So when you are shopping for a snowshoe, look for a binding that provide a comfortable ergonomic fit, a frame that allows you to walk naturally, and a traction system that works in harmony with the natural rotation of your foot, and I think that you will find that Crescent Moon is easily the best snowshoe of the market.