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Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Video by Backcountry Edge
ncorporating easy-to-adjust external locks, anti-shock features, extended-length grips and aluminum construction, Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock trekking poles effectively balance year-round performance and price.

Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Poles

Well, we are going to take a look at Black Diamond’s Trail Pro Shock trekking poles. Got the men’s version, also comes in a women’s version. Really nice all around options. You have got anti shock built into the poles. You have got user friendly external flick locks and three part adjustability, really nice options for year round back country use. As I mentioned there these are there part adjustable poles, which means you have got two flick locks. These are flick lock pro mechanisms on the Trail Pro Shock. So it is a really nice metal construction on these, nice hardware as well, just whether you are wearing gloves or you have got bare hands, these just... they are so user friendly. On the men’s poles you have got adjustability from 27 inches to 55 inches. On the women’s poles they are a little shorter so you are starting at 24 inches and going out to 49 inches in length. You have got durable but light weight aluminum construction on these poles. The men’s the pair comes in at 20 ounces for the pair, the women’s an ounce lighter at 19 ounces for the pair. You want to take a look at these grips, because they are unique. As the name would sug-gest, you do have an anti shock mechanism on these poles. It is not down in the shaft. It is actually in the grip itself. So you can see that give. It is pretty passive. It is not springy. It is not going to be bouncing on you, but when you need it, when you are really bearing down on the pole it will have some give. There is vibration whenever you are using trek-king poles. You strike the ground, that vibration makes its way up the poles, it is going to hit that last solid piece which happens to be your wrist. This will dampen that. So it takes some of the repetitive strain during long days on the trail. You can see nice contoured foam grips here as well as an extended length beneath that shock mechanism. That would enable you when you are side hilling or back and forth on switch backs, you wouldn’t necessarily have to readjust the poles each time. You could change it where you are holding them or grabbing them. It also gives you another place to hold it when you are making adjustments. So that extended length has some nice benefit there. You can see integrated padded wrist straps. There is also full adjustability on those to really dial in that fit. At the bottom of the poles you have got Black Diamond’s flex tech tips. So you can see this portion here on the poles. It is actually designed should you have a catastrophic in-stance and maybe you put the poles down in between two rocks and your weight bears down on them, rather than snapping the poles, this can actually break away. It doesn’t sound like a good thing, but this is a replaceable part, while broken shafts is a different story. You can see this small disk here. This is called a basket. It is a very low profile basket that comes with these poles. For on trail usage that is sufficient. Winter comes along you may be looking for a broader diameter basket that keeps the poles from driving too deeply into the snow or even in mud, for that matter. There are broader diameter baskets that can be purchased separately and threaded into place on the pole. At the very end you can see a carbide tip, perfect for on trail usage and dirt and mud, un-improved surfaces. If you are going to be using them on improved surfaces or in certain cases even on rocks, something a bit more solid that might eat up the carbide tip, these will screw out. You can purchase separately rubber tech tips that will screw into place. And that is better on those surfaces. Also sold separately are caps, tip protectors, a press fit design that will go over the tips themselves. And that is a nice piece also for travel. It keeps these from coming into con-tact with clothes or other items. Again, just a great combined feature set on these poles and a good price for what you are getting as well. You have got that anti shock. You have got that broad range of adjusta-bility, full featured grip. It really makes the Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock poles ideal for year round use in varying conditions.