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Black Diamond Trail Shock Poles

Black Diamond Trail Shock trekking poles incorporate easy-to-adjust external locks, innovative anti-shock features and reliable aluminum construction.

Black Diamond Trail Shock Poles Video

Black Diamond Trail Shock poles have extended length foam grips. Nice hand hold, feels good texturally in your hand and an extended portion of that grip allows you to change where you're actually grabbing the pole in use and saves you the time of having to make multiple micro adjustments based on varying heights. Side hill traverses really brings this into play where you may be changing where you're grabbing it for optimal use. Integrated wrist straps take stress off of your wrists while in use. They're also adjustable to make sure that you get the best fit or the fit that feels best for you. On the very top of the pole, you'll see a textured, dimpled portion of the pole that's very comfortable in the palm of your hand. And certain times in use on the trail you'll find that that really comes into play. Certainly a stand-out feature on the Trail Shock poles is the embedded shock absorption mechanism. Black Diamond puts that mechanism in the handle, actually improves the swing weight of the poles to have it that far up toward the end of the grips. You can see as I press in and out of these poles that that actually does compress. On heavy usage of the poles, where you're really pounding down on it, there's more give. When you're not, it's really subtle, which is a nice feature. You don't really want that springiness in use, but that certainly does take additional stress of your wrists. Trail Shock poles are three-section poles, which gives you a nice broad range of adjustability up to a 135 centimeters in length as called out here on that middle section with graduated markings. Adjustability and locking is very simple on the Trail Shock poles, thanks to the FlickLock mechanism. Flick it closed, you've got a nice secure lock. Flick it open to adjust the length to wherever you need it. Again simply flick it right back into place. At the bottom of the Trail Shock poles, you'll find Flex Tech tips. These tips are designed in a fashion that should they get wedged in between rocks or in cracks, that they'll actually break away from the pole. That's great. If that doesn't happen, you actually jeopardize the pole sections and may shear a portion of the pole itself. So again, that break away design is intended. The very end of those tips is a carbide tip that gives you great purchase and traction in trails, packed surfaces and a design on the end here allows you to actually unscrew that portion and screw in its place, a rubber tip that's more ideal for use on improved surfaces. There's a low-profile trekking basket, small diameter here at the end of the poles and a design feature below that allows you to screw into place interchangeable snow baskets or deep powder baskets for winter usage. Those accessories are sold separately.