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Black Diamond Mercury Mitt

Video by Backcountry Edge
Designed for extremely cold temperatures and harsh weather, the modular Black Diamond Mercury Mitt is warm and durable.

Black Diamond Mercury Mitt Video

The Mercury Mitt from Black Diamond is a two-part mitt. This mitt is designed for mountaineering or extreme winter sports where you’re looking to build up as much warmth as possible and keep it in. The outer shell is made from a ballistic nylon and you have goat skin leather in the palm, along the leading edge here and you have a loop here to attach it to a carabiner and a pack, wherever you might need to, or just to hang dry. You’ve got some great reinforcement in between the thumb and where the forefinger site in the glove. So if you’re gripping a ski pole or trekking pole for snowshoeing, you’ve got reinforcement there. There is a wrist adjustment here to keep snow and wind from entering the glove and to bolster that further you’ve got a one handed pull gauntlet closure to cinch over top of your jacket. The liner for the Mercury Mitt has what’s often called lobster construction or trigger finger construction. So, your index finger and your thumb remain useable. You can operate a stove and do things that require a bit more dexterity while still keeping your hand warm. You just pop the liner out of the shell and I’ll show you how easy that is in just a moment. This mitt also features a safety leash. So if you have to separate the mitt and liner for any reason, or if you take the outer shell off, you can’t drop it from a ski lift or leave it behind. When you want to put the shell back on it’s as simple as sliding the two together, you can hear the velcro lining up there, and you’re right back together for a waterproof, super cold weather mitt.