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Big Agnes Sleep System

The Big Agnes sleep system takes the traditional bag-on-pad idea and makes it much better. By integrating a pad sleeve into their bags, it provides a much more secure night on your pad.

Big Agnes Sleep System Video

One thing we have come to know and love about Big Agnes is the sleeping bags that have the Big Agnes sleep system. The Big Agnes sleep system is basically a way to combine the sleeping bag that is on top of you and the sleeping pad that is underneath you. They basically have a pad sleeve that is integrated with the sleeping bag and this does a lot of things. It has a lot of benefits. The one big benefit to the sleep system is that you have confidence you are going to stay on top of your sleeping pad. You are not going to roll off. You are not going to slide off of the sleeping pad and you have got one basically really comfortable bed. So you have got the sleeping bag that is on top, the sleeping pad that is underneath. Big Agnes bags that have this sleep system have a mostly uninsulated bottom of the sleeping bag. So it is important to know that any Big Agnes bag with the sleep system does not have an insulated bottom. I will show you what I mean. If I open this bag up you can see a baffle that starts right here on the side. But on the bottom where you would normally just compress that insulation and, you know, sleeping on top of that insulation compresses it and pretty much makes it useless for thermal efficiency. Big Agnes has removed that insulation, which cuts down on weight and it cuts down on pack size. They do have basically draft tubes along the sides that ensure that you are warm and comfortable on the sides. Some people are worried that an uninsulated bottom of their sleeping bag is going to be colder, but really it is your sleeping pad that gives you warmth from underneath. Taking a closer look at the actual pad sleeve I happen to have two bags here so I have this one turned upside down and you can see this is a full length sleeve. So it goes from the top to the bottom of the bag. There is two different types of sleeves, one that is just half so it basically the bad goes into the sleeve and the top half of your body so it leaves your feet to be free there. And this is the other kind, which is the full length sleeve. You inflate your sleeping mat, you stuff it down into this sleeve right here and there is really convenient holes at the bottom of the sleeve, one on each corner and one in the middle. So once you get your pad a quarter or a half of the way into the pad sleeve you just grab a hold of it and pull it the rest of the way. If I uncover this you can see how that fits really nicely into the bottom of the bag. Of course, there are different size sleeping bags, there are men’s and women’s and there are specific sleeping pads that will fit into the sleeves. So make sure you look at the specifications for your sleeping bag to know how to mate the sleeping pad into the sleeve. The Big Agnes sleep system, innovative and convenient for a great night’s sleep.