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Big Agnes Ripple Creek UL 2+ mtnGLO Backpacking Tent

Offering an excellent weight-to-space ratio, the Big Agnes Ripple Creek UL 2+ mtnGLO hybrid single wall/double wall tent is an effective balance of ventilation and weather protection. It also sports its own integrated lighting system!

Big Agnes Ripple Creek UL 2+ mtnGLO Backpacking Tent

For backpackers who want a lightweight tent, but don’t want to skimp on any of those features, the Big Agnes Ripple Creek 2 + mtnGLO tent is the perfect option. This is a non free standing tent so you do need to stake it out in order to set it up.  You have got two hubbed poles. These are DAC press fit aluminum poles so they are very lightweight, but they are also very durable.  The poles come to a Y shape here. So you have one hub on that side, one hub on this side. It makes it really easy to set up once you have everything staked out. There are very durable connection points on both of these sides. So what I normally do, I stake everything out, connect them to this central hub in the middle and then, you know, set up the tent so that it pitches really easily.

It has a really interesting dome style in the top here. So you have a lot of head room above you, as opposed to an A frame style tent or other backpacking tents that seem claustrophobic.  This is going to give you a lot of space. And as the naming suggests, it is a two + person tent.  So not only do you have enough space here for two campers and backpackers, but you do have a little bit of extra space in the back or on the side of this tent.

You have got a big D shaped door here in the front, so easy in and out. But you also have a smaller door in the back. You are able to access your gear that you keep in the back and I can go in and out of that small door in the back, but it is not as comfortable as this door in the front. So that is kind of a gear shed in the back there.


It is an interesting single wall, double wall design. So the front of this tent gives you all the mesh, all the ventilation that you need. You have got lots of ventilation here in the top. But the floor and kind of the side walls here are a very ultra lightweight material. It is a nylon rip stop material. It is PU coated. It is seam taped so you are going to be protected from the elements. So while you have  all that ventilation on the front here with this no-see-um mesh, you do have a waterproof material on the back of this tent.

When we put the rain fly o, you will see that the rain fly gives you enough coverage here over this mesh. But they save a lot of weight that way. So you don’t have a full tent body and a full rain fly that goes over the top. You have a hybrid design. Again, that cuts down on weight. It cuts down on pack size. And it is just a really interesting design.  It is even got its own integrated lighting system.


This is a mtnGLO tent, so you do have two strings here of very lightweight LED lights. They go right around the dome of this tent and it is an interesting design where you have the mtnGLO battery pack here. You have just one push button and then on the side there is an on/off. So while you are traveling with it or while you have it packed away, you don’t have to worry about this turning on and draining the batteries. You can just flick that switch and turn it off.

But the really interesting thing here is that you have got very ambient light for the inside of your tent. There are three settings. You can have on, dim or off.  So it is really simple there. But these strands of LED lights are very, very lightweight. They are very flexible. They are very durable. So they anticipate you tearing down the tent, rolling it up, setting it back up.  And it doesn’t add a lot of weight to the tent, but it adds a lot of atmosphere.

The interior space here is great for a two person ultra lightweight backpacking tent.  It is 87 inches long by 53 inches wide and the peak height here is 39 inches. And unlike A frame style tents, the 39 inch peak height is this whole area. It is not just the very top.  You get a lot of headroom. So if you have two people sitting side by side, they have all of that height that this tent gives.


So you have sprawling room at... for a lightweight backpacking tent. You also have this area in the back and that 53 inches doesn’t include this area in the back. You have got some space for extra gear, extra space so that you don’t feel claustrophobic or it is also a great spot for a four legged friend.

You have got a big D-shaped door here in the front, so easy in and out. But there is also this smaller door here in the back. If I open that, I am able to get my hands on some gear in the back.


And all of this maroon material here behind me is the waterproof material. So we are going to put rain fly on and show how the rain fly covers the front and how this material gives you  protection in the back.


The rain fly is constructed of very lightweight nylon rip stop material. There is a mini rip stop in there. So you do have durability, but this is a very, very lightweight material. It packs down to be very small. And it gives you all the coverage you need here on the front half of the tent.

The door on the vestibule is right in the front. This is a double zipper and you have a storm flap in front of that zipper. There is a little Velcro on two spots there so you can batten it down.  If you need more ventilation with this tent you can unzip the top, get a little bit of ventilation there if you just have a light rain. And then, obviously, the full length zipper. You are able to roll back this side. There is a toggle point over here. ANd there is another one over there. So if you are in a beautiful day like today, you can roll back both sides. You can roll back the back side of this tent as well and have that cross breeze that you need and have all the ventilation and all the protection that you need.


There are some additional guy out points on the rain fly. We have got it staked out pretty well right now and there are just small attentions to detail that make this tent have a lot more value. So you have those ultra lightweight materials. So sometimes durability could be an issue, but they have got stitching in the correct places. They have got just those attentions to detail that make this more durable in those places that you need the tent to be more durable. 


This tent is extremely versatile. You can use it in a couple of different ways.  We have got this front vestibule rolled back. We have the back vestibule rolled back. So you can see how much cross ventilation there is. And the is a big gap between the body of the tent and the rain fly here. So they do a really good job of making sure this tent is very breathable and very ventilated in any sort of condition. You have got all of that ventilation on a nice day, but if it does rain, if the clouds roll in, you have got protection here with the rain fly. You have got protection on the back of the tent so you can batten everything down. And this tent is just a really great ultra light backpacking tent for two campers or backpackers. You have that extra little bit of space in there that adds a lot of value. With the mtnGLO lighting system you have just a really feature rich tent at a very low weight, so it weighs in under four pounds. 

It is the Big Agnes Ripple Creek UL 2 + mtnGLO Tent.