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Big Agnes Women's Hole in the Wall Jacket

Employing DownTek insulation that combines the all-weather reliability of synthetics and the lightweight compressibility of down, the Big Agnes Women’s Hole in the Wall Down Jacket delivers versatile warmth for cold weather activities.

Big Agnes Women's Hole in the Wall Jacket Video

I am wearing the Big Agnes women’s Hole in the Wall down jacket. Big Agnes takes all of their innovative technologies that they put into their sleeping bags and have created jackets like the one I am wearing. The stand out feature of this jacket is the 700 fill down tech that they used to insulate the jacket. The important thing about down tech is that each plume of down is coated with a water resistant finish so that means it is going to keep your jacket drier longer to resist that moisture. If it is subjected to moisture or wet conditions, it is going to dry out faster and ultimately keep you warmer than traditional down. The other really innovative feature about this jacket is the baffles. So Big Agnes uses flow gates in their baffles which basically breaks up the chambers and eliminates unwant-ed shifting of down. So, you know, you are going to keep your heat in. This jacket is real-ly going to insulate you and, you know, it is not the down in this jacket isn’t going to shift of move. The baffles are also vertical baffles as opposed to most traditional down jackets that have horizontal baffles. And basically the idea in their Big Agnes sleeping bags is that it brings your heat from your core throughout the whole jacket, rather than going side to side. So the innovation in this jacket is going to keep you a lot warmer. The outer shell fabric is just a nylon rip stop shell with a DWR finish. So this isn’t a water proof jacket by any means, but if you have a light snow or a light rain, it is definitely go-ing to shed the water and with that down tech this jacket will keep you pretty dry in just a light rain. The features of the jacket are pretty stream lined and simple and they keep the weight of the jacket down. So you have got a full length zipper. There is five pockets in this jacket, two on the outside and this hand level comfortable hand warmer pockets. On the inside you have got a stretchy mesh dump pocket on either side of the jacket. And a chest level pocket here which this is actually a two way zipper. The jacket can stuff inside of this pocket and stow away. There is even a little tab for a carabineer. You can clip it on a back pack or a harness, really easy to tuck away when you are not using it. The hem is... just has stretchy cords on the bottom. You can tuck those in just to keep in your heat. And the back of this jacket actually has a little bit of a dropped hem. So as you are moving, climbing and, you know, back packing or hiking, the jacket isn’t going to ride up on you. Around the cuffs here you just have stretchy lycra around the cuffs and you do have thumb holes. So the sleeves are a little bit longer rot accommodate for that. And it just is great for chilly hands. Just pull that up over your hands. Or it just prevents that awkward gapping between gloves that can happen if you are wearing gloves over top or underneath. You have a nice baffled collar on the top so no hood with this jacket. And on the inside of the zipper it just has a soft material so it doesn’t irritate your chin. I really like the fit of this jacket. I am wearing a small and I normally wear smalls in other brands in their outer wear pieces and this jacket seems to fit really well. I have got enough space here in my arms that I can move and that I don’t feel like I am restricted, but the jacket is low profile enough that it really holds in my heat. You know, it just... it is kind of a trim fit so it definitely hugs your body. But, again, I feel like I can move and I feel like I can, you know, hike or climb in this jacket with no problem. You can definitely get a shell over top, it being a light weight down jacket mid warmth piece. So it is not too lofty. You can put a shell over top to keep you water proof. And, you know, light weight layers underneath. So I am just wearing a light weight t-shirt under this and it feels really comfortable on and it feels like it fits really well. With the dropped hem in the back and with the adjustments that you can make here at the bottom it really, really feels like a toasty warm jacket for the weight. All in all it is a great, you know, jacket for a down town, for climbing, hiking, any activity you would feel at home in this jacket. It is the women’s Hole in the Wall down jacket by Big Agnes.