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Big Agnes mtnGLO Technology

Offering enough light to effectively illuminate the interior of the tent, the patent-pending Big Agnes mtnGLO technology integrates strands of LED lights directly into the tent seams. Durable and flexible, the strands hold up to the wear of pitching and tearing down. Easy-to-use push-button controllers allow you to toggle through on, off, and 50% brightness settings. The lights are powered by AAA batteries (not included) but can also be lit by any USB power source.

Big Agnes mtnGLO Technology Video

Big Agnes’ series of mtnGLO tents incorporate their own integrated lighting systems. Depending on the style of a tent, a back packing tent, a camping tent, you may see the layout slightly different, but the technology is shared.  Big Agnes is utilizing embedded strands of durable LED lighting.  Each of those strands is accessed or put into play with a simple push button design.  The strand has dual settings so you have got full light, you have got 50 percent lighting and then, obviously, you have got off.


Each of those strands, as you can see, will have its own little activator.  They are powered by three triple A batteries. So it adds a slight bit of weight to the tents, but not a whole lot, quite frankly. As far as durability is concerned, the LEDs are definitely designed to withstand the wear and tear of use, of being repacked repeatedly. There is some flexibility to those strands. Should there be any need to fix them, replace them, the way they are embedded in the seams actually has a really easy access and a much easier fix than you might expect, making the Big Agnes mtnGLO tent series a really smart, really innovative option be it for back packing or for camping.