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Big Agnes Classic Series Sleeping Bags

Video by Big Agnes
Roomy, rectangular-shaped Big Agnes Classic Series sleeping bags are available in synthetic and down offerings and an array of temperature ratings.

Big Agnes Classic Series Sleeping Bags Video

Hi, I’m Garth. I’m with Big Agnes and I am here to show you some of the differences that set Big Agnes sleeping systems apart from more traditional sleeping bags.


Big Agnes Classic Series bags are our most popular series of bags, largely because for the weight, bulk, and cost of a comparable traditional bag you get all the advantages of the Big Agnes Sleep System. All Big Agnes Classic Sleep Systems share a similar set of features starting off with an insulated and contoured hood to help retain body heat. On a warm night when you are not feeling like you don’t need that extra insulation it is easy to slip the hood underneath the pad, completely out of the way, and allow more body heat to escape.


If, on the other hand, it is a fairly cold evening and you feel like you need to draw the hood in a little bit tighter, you do have draw cords over the forehead and along your collarbone in order to draw the hood in and seal body heat. To avoid any discomfort when you draw the hood down tight we put insulation and padding underneath the draw cord so that you won’t feel that across your forehead.


In addition to providing insulation for your head, it is important to keep body heat inside the bag from escaping so we include an insulated collar. This is particularly important given the girth or width of the shoulders on these rectangular bags. Not only does it hold the heat in, but with the width on a warm night when you fold it under it will allow the warm air out.


We include full length zipper draft tubes over the top of the zippers. In addition you will see that we have what is called a draft wedge that wraps the entire circumference of the bag. That helps seal warm air in where the pad ends and the bag begins which is a critical feature of a sleep system. The long 70 inch zippers on your classic bag make it easy to get in and out of your bag. In addition to that, we allow access to vent the foot with a two way zipper and the ability to mate long and regular bags together.


With the system you automatically pull the pads together with no need for a coupling kit and no worries about pads sliding out from underneath. All of the classic series bags use rectangular pads. One of the advantages of rectangle bags is the extra volume that you have inside and if you take a look at the specs on the Big Agnes bags you will see that our regular bags are larger than most of the traditional bags or mummy bags on the market, yet you won’t be carrying any more bulk or weight.


In addition to these features we also look at the small details. We include gear loops or tie loops so that you can tie a liner into your bag if you want to do that. Then the all important and critical feature of having a pillow, one of the most common situations is your down sweater or the pillow that you bought is always sliding out. On all of the Big Agnes bags we include what we call the pillow pocket. You just slide the pillow inside. It can be the Big Agnes pillow, a commercial pillow, your down sweater, it really doesn’t matter. When you flip this over, your pillow stays in place, hood over the top, and you get a great night’s sleep.