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Arc'teryx: Adaptation and Evolution

Based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Arc’teryx has enviable access to the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness literally out the back door of the brand’s head office. Prototypes are constructed in-house by designers and product experts who are then able to field test locally in exceptional conditions, or put their creations on outdoor athletes right at home and make performance-enhancing refinements with little turn-around time. As a result, Arc’teryx builds gear based on a “design with intent” ethos that promises all their products can withstand the extreme demands of the mountains.

Arc'teryx: Adaptation and Evolution

Get to Know Arc’teryx

Founded by local climbers as Rock Solid Manufacturing in 1989 outside Vancouver, the brand quickly became known as a relentlessly innovative manufacturer of top-quality climbing gear. The name Arc’teryx was conceived in 1991, inspired by the ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, which was believed to be the first bold creature to evolve feathers for flight. The name-change intentionally expressed the brand’s desire to “evolve” the entire outdoor experience as they began to develop products beyond the climbing category.

And evolve the outdoor experience they have! Responsible for the launch of some one-time revolutionary technologies that we now see as standards in a lot of our outdoor gear and clothing today, like watertight zippers and the thermo-formed 3D construction we see on the hipbelts, backpanels, and shoulder harnesses of most of our modern backpacks, Arc’teryx continues to pursue perfection on the cutting edge. Above all, the brand today prides itself on highest standards for three key principles in the approach to product creation: Design, Craftsmanship, and Performance.

Fit and Function Come First

Fit and function come first for Arc’teryx, though elegant form has also followed in all their gear. Complex problems are solved with beautifully simple solutions that provide clean, minimalistic silhouettes. Arc’teryx products appear to already be in motion before you put them on. For example, the arms in most Arc’teryx jackets are stitched in such a way that gives an intentional bend, so when you lift your arms over your head while wearing, your cuffs won’t ride up. It’s thoughtful details like these that make an enormous comfort and function difference to the wearer.

The Long Run

It’s worth noting that Arc’teryx also takes sustainability as seriously as it takes design, craftsmanship, and performance, and the brand considers product durability to be the main component of a comprehensive environmental policy that includes minimizing waste in the manufacturing process and safe materials sourcing, as well. Arc’teryx gear is built to last, end of story! You may not see them competing for most ultralight rain jacket on the market, for example, but you can bet that your jacket is going to perform year after year, no matter where your adventure takes you. Ready to evolve your outdoor experience? Shop our Arc’teryx gear and apparel selection now