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adidas Outdoor Women's Terrex Swift Hoody

Video by Backcountry Edge
Highly-breathable and water-resistant, the adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Swift Soft Shell Hoody is a great option for any outdoor enthusiast who participates in a wide range of outdoor winter activities.

adidas Outdoor Women's Terrex Swift Hoody

I'm wearing the women Terrex Swift Softshell Hoody by adidas outdoor, it's a great soft-shell piece, fairly light weight but its definitely designed for fall, spring and even winter weather. It's completely wind proof has a really high level of water resistance to it and it's got some really great features, so lets take a look at those. They said earlier that this is a softshell piece it does have stretch and there’s a lot of movement with this jacket and it uses what adidas calls their fore motion cut meaning that every seam on the jacket and all the different paneling and pieces as they went together is designed to work with the movement of the human body potential layers you may be wearing underneath or over this piece. It's designed for really large range of motion, folks that are climbing, cross country skiing just general outdoor wear, backpacking, hiking, this jacket is going to give you some great movement as water protection and breath-ability. Front zipper, with a full front zipper, lets take a look inside here, you have got this nice mesh piece here it is the backing for the pockets so all the pockets when unzipped also work as ventilation for this jacket but through the jacket we have got this light weight layer of a micro- feel. So it's really soft against the skin if you happen to be wearing a t-shirt with it. It also offers that little bit of extra insulation which makes this piece function better in cooler temperatures and even into winter weathers as a ski piece. For sealing out wet cold windy weather you got a two adjustable draw cords at the hang here, easy to operate with one hand, so it pulls on the hem of the jacket and keep snow and cold air from drifting into the jacket. You do have adjustable [0:01:46.8] cuffs as well and the open cuff on the jacket is a nice design because you can easily tuck a glove especially like an under-cuff ski glove in there and adjust the outer piece of the 0:01:56.5 around there, so you get a nice seal between the jacket and whatever sort of glove you are wearing. The women Terrex Swift Softshell Hoody has three pockets on it you got two hand pockets here as I mentioned earlier they are backed by that mesh material also got a lot room for storage and added ventilation if you need it. Seamless through the chest pocket large enough to get a pair of line gloves in there, head lamp in there, also doubles as a vent if you unzip it through the cord area. Additional ventilation can be found through pits, you have a two way zipper, and a good opening through the arm pit. A really nice hood that goes on to this jacket, it does have three-point adjustibility. So you find that volume adjustment at the back of the head as well as adjustment around the face at the corners of the cheeks and this jacket has a fantastic brim on it. It's got a stiff piece of wire on it so you can adjust the brim to be on whatever position you want it to be in and the hood is quite generous. You can fit a helmet under this but there's enough volume control that if you are just wearing the hat or the hood with no other layer on your hear, you can adjust that volume to give it a really good fit.