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Using the Platypus GravityWorks Filter

Video by Platypus
This video offers instruction on how to use the Platypus GravityWorks filter.

Using the Platypus GravityWorks Filter Video

The design of great equipment is an ongoing evolution. At Platypus, we’re continually look for new and innovative ways to build products that are safe, efficient and reliable. The GravityWorks Fitler is an evolution of the Clean Stream. Built with hollow fiber technology that we pioneered in the Clean Stream, the GravityWorks filters large quantities of water, fast and efficiently using just the force of gravity to draw water through the filter. No pumping is required. When we first introduced the clean Stream gravity filter back in 2000, it changed how people collected, filtered and dispensed water in the backcountry. Years of rigorous use in the field have resulted in key design changes that make the GravityWorks safer, lighter and even easier to use. The bumper guard has been redesigned and now uses a polyurethane foam to reduce the filter weight by 20 percent. The new Clean Reservoir eliminates the zip opening and can only be filled via the filter. This prevents accidental use of the clean reservoir for collecting unfiltered water, reducing the chance of cross-contamination. Fill the dirty reservoir from the water source, then seal the zipper closed tightly. Attach the filter’s quick-release hose to the dirty reservoir and release the hose clamp. Elevate the dirty reservoir by hanging it or placing it above the rest of the system. This allows gravity it draw the water through the filter and into the clean reservoir. If water does not start flowing quickly through the hose, then there may be air bubbles in the filter and a back flush may be required to clear them. Once you have a little water in the clean reservoir, you can bleed the air by rolling it up and holding it above the dirty reservoir. You will see air bubbles rise up into the dirty reservoir. When there are no more bubbles, place the clean reservoir on the ground and continue to filter. This back flush process also cleans the filter, expelling any dirty that is collected in the filter. After back flushing, the flow rate of the GravityWorks will increase to filter the full liter reservoir in just 2.5 minutes. To maintain optimal performance, we recommend back flushing the filter at the start of each use. It takes just 30 seconds and maintains a clean filter while improving flow rate. Once you have filtered water into the clean reservoir, you can shut off the hose clamp and detach the hose from the filter. The clean reservoir can now be carried back to camp and used to dispense water for drinking or showers.