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Mountainsmith 3-Season Tents

Video by Mountainsmith
With dual doors, a roomy interior, and watertight construction, Mountainsmith tents are an excellent choice for 3-season camping.

Mountainsmith 3-Season Tents Video

Hi I’m Jay Getzel, National Sales Manager with Mountainsmith, here today to introduce to you our two new tents for 2011. To my right, we have the Genesee 4. To my left, we have the Morrison 2. These are our classic, two-door, two-pole, two vestibule designs – very easy set up, very user-friendly design.


Some shared features you’ll find in all of the tents, include the color-matched webbing, color-matched anodized poles to allow the user to easily identify which pole goes into which clip route as well as which pole and fly attachment meet up in the corner. You also have a great tensioning device – a tri-glide specifically designed for 3 millimeter cord like this to help adjust the guyout points. You also have these great Velcro vents that exist inside the roof of each fly that allow you to add some extra ventilation to the tent.


At 6 pounds, 5 ounces on the 4-person tent, with a 7 foot by 8 foot rectangular shape, it’s a great, lightweight option and offers a lot of extra space for the user as far as head-to-toe length is concerned. And at 4 pounds, 11 ounces in the packed weight for the Morrison 2, we’ve actually increased the floor dimension to be a 92-inch head-to-toe length as opposed to the 88-inch that you’ll generally see. What this does, is allow those larger users to have more space at the head and toe thereby not pressing up against the interior walls of their tent when they sleep in the evening.


Some great features found inside the Genesee 4 and the Morrison 2 from Mountainsmith are the multitude of interior pockets that you’ll find in the rear corner and front corner of the tent. The included gear hammock that has an interesting split in the middle of the hammock allows you to hang a lantern from the loop in the center of the tent. You also have a lot of great interior space inside of this tent as well as a multitude of mesh panels to increase the ventilation and mitigate any condensation.


One of the other ways we’re able to help do that is to offer the opportunity to zip down a panel on each door and roll this out of the way to reveal the mesh paneling and offer more ventilation inside the tent. These doors also offer quite a large opening to make for easy entry and exit from the tent. A lot of great features all stack up to make the Morrison 2 and Genesee 4 some great choices for your outdoor adventures.