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MSR Hubba Hubba Tent Set-up

Video by MSR
This video offers instruction on how to set up the MSR Hubba Hubba Tent for backpacking or camping.

MSR Hubba Hubba Tent Set-up Video

Hubba tents can be pitched in multiple configurations. The most common is using both the rain fly and tent inner. This offers the best protection against weather and bugs. To set up the Hubba, using both the rain fly and tent inner, start by spreading the tent out and staking the floor so it is tight and wrinkle-free. Next, assemble the poles. You should have one pole set that is fitted with two hub connections and a swiveled cross pole. Start by inserting the pole tips of the hubbed poles into the grommets at one end of the tent floor, followed by the other. Rotate the short cross pole to position on top. To complete the pole assembly, insert the tips of the cross pole into the grommets at the apex of the tent ceiling and attach the clips working your way from the top down. Now that the tent inner is pitched, you can add the rain fly for weather protection. Lay the rain fly over the tent and attach the ceiling grommets to the short cross pole. To secure the rain fly, attach the webbing straps to the pole tips using the grommets. Once all four straps are attached, tension the webbing to make the rain fly taut. With the rain fly secured to the tent, you may now stake out the vestibules and roll up the door. To maintain a tight pitch, use the webbing straps to re-tension the fly after periods of rain. For all MSR tents, optional footprints, guy cords, stakes and repair kits are available through an authorized dealer.