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MSR Holler Tent Set-up

Video by MSR
This video offers instruction on how to set up the MSR Holler 3-Person Tent for backpacking or camping.

MSR Holler Tent Set-up Video

Spread the tent inner out on the ground and steak the four corners so they pull directly out from the center of the tent. Pull the two mid-point tabs taut and stake them out. Completely assemble the green hubbed pole and the shorter gray cross pole. Position the hubbed pole lengthwise down the center of the tent and insert its pole tips into the tent’s four-corner grommets. Lay the gray cross pole underneath and insert it into the two mid-point grommets. Secure the cross pole to the hubbed poles using the receiver clip. Clip the hooks on the tent inner to the poles starting at the top and working your way down. If conditions are dry, in warm climates, the Holler can be used without its rain fly to provide maximum ventilation as well as protection from insects. Once the tent inner is clipped to the pole frame, lay the rain fly over the tent and loosen the webbing straps. Secure the rain fly to the tent by connecting the side release buckles. When all six buckles are connected, tension the webbing straps until the rain fly is taut. Pull out the vestibule at each end of the tent and stake them down. If it is windy, use the guy points to provide further stability to the tent. To increase airflow throughout the tent, prop open the vents above both doors or leave one side of the vestibule slightly open.