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Kelty Red Cloud Junior Backpack

Video by Backcountry Edge
The Kelty Red Cloud Junior delivers trusted Kelty trail performance in dimensions designed for younger backpackers. This classic backpack has load-hauling capability, convenient access points and an array of features.

Kelty Red Cloud Junior Backpack Video

Kelty has taken their tried and true Red Cloud series and created a great adjustable pack for use. This is called the Kelty Red Cloud Junior. And it is highly adjustable and a great pack for youth, ages 10 and up. We have got the same light weight suspension system that Kelty uses in their adult packs in the youth pack. They do adjust the sizing so it is not just the wide range of adjustability in the torso, but the hips are a lot narrower and the space between the shoulders is a lot narrower. So it is going to fit a child a lot better. This is more than just an adult pack that adjusts down to be really short in the torso. This is really built for youth. The torso adjusts from 14 to 18 inches so it is going to grow with the youth and the hip belt is also semi adjustable and we will take a look at that later. I will mention while we are looking at the back of the pack that it is hydration system compatible so you can put a water bladder in there. And a great feature for kids on the front you can see it has got the sternum strap here and a nice bright orange whistle is included on the front. That is an added safety feature. The padding in the shoulder strap and the hip belt is very comfortable and I did mention there is a cinch strap on the hip belt that you can really cinch down and that is going to transfer the load to your hips a lot better. That is where you want the weight. So it is very comfortable. While we are looking at the waist belt, I will mention there is a nice sizable pocket to throw a granola bar or whatever else you need to store in there. Looking at the side, this really big opening pocket on the side where you can store gear that you need to get your hands on quickly. You have a stretching mesh water bottle pocket. You can cinch down your water bottle with that strap as well. Going to the front of the pack there is a nice big opening pocket. It is sort of a shallow pocket. So a great place for a map or for, you know, lighter weight pieces of gear for layering. There is this great handle carrier so you can actually pick the pack up by that nice handle. The top of the pack actually comes off. So if you have a younger child using this who is not going to fill the pack completely, you can take the top part of the pack off so that it doesn’t look like this huge pack, on a small child. And then it can grow with them as they get older and stronger. A little pocket up here and a huge, you know, this is a pretty big storage packet on top. Going into the body of the pack you do have access to the body of the pack on one side. And, of course, access to the top of the pack with this big opening on top. There is a very, very sizable pocket on the bottom. This is usually where people would put their sleeping bag. You can see how wide that opens. That whole bottom of the pack is going to open up. This is a fairly large sleeping bag that I have stuffed in there and it actually goes in there really easily. It is a really great feature on the Kelty packs. You have got some storage options on there. And, as well, on the side there are cinch straps as well. The Kelty Red Cloud Junior is a great pack for any youth that wants to enjoy the outdoors for years to come.