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Exped Trekking Poles Overview

Video by Exped
Lightweight and collapsible, Exped trekking poles offer reliable performance and lightweight collapsability for year-round hiking, backpacking and traveling.

Exped Trekking Poles Overview Video

Hi, gang. Kai, here. We’re at Crystal Mountain ski area in Washington – one of our favorite ski areas. And behind me you see Mount Rainier, our favorite backcountry adventure destination. Climbing in the summer, skiing in the winter, hiking, it’s a great spot. So, when you’re in Washington, make sure you spend some time in Mount Rainier.


We want to take the opportunity today to talk to you a little bit about Exped trekking poles. Now, we call them trekking poles, but don’t be fooled – they’re ski poles as well, as evidenced by us out here today. There are three reasons we want you to love Exped poles and why we love Exped trekking poles: Number one, they are super, super light. The three-section poles are designed to be the lightest of our crew and they are noticeably lighter than anything else you’re going to pick up out there and one of the things that you’re really going to notice when you grab these poles is their reduced swing weight. That’s the amount of weight that’s out away from your hand at the end of the pole. And boy, after a day of trekking or a day of skiing, you really do notice when you have a trekking pole that is heavy and certainly a trekking pole that has a lot of swing weight. So these guys are super light – that’s the first thing you need to know about Exped poles.


The next thing you need to know is that Exped poles are very compact and the 4-section poles are designed to be the most compact in our line and they are, as you can see, exceedingly short when they are collapsed. And this gives you the advantage of being able to put that pole inside your pack – this is a 30 liter pack I have on and that pole will go right inside that pack. If you’re on a train or in the backcountry, you don’t want those poles to be sticking out of the top of your pack when you’re climbing or bushwhacking, they go right into your pack. So, super compact is number two.


Number three is a really neat thing that is exclusive to Exped poles and that is, what we called green anodizing. Now, we teamed up with the famous tent pole manufacturer, Dac Aluminum - Dac of Korea. And they have found a way to close the loop in their anodizing process. It turns out anodizing is a fairly dirty process - effluent coming out of factories, so they have found a way to close that loop. And they have reduced the number and the amount of toxic chemicals that are used in the anodizing process. That is unique to Dac in their ski poles and trekking poles as well as in the tent poles. Those are the three reasons that we love Exped poles and we want you to love Exped poles as well.


So now let’s talk about some of the details starting at the top in the grip. There’s a very nice padded strap with an easy adjustment. It’s just pull on the short tab to tighten it and pull on the loop, the bottom part of the loop to loosen it – very simple. The other thing that is very nice about Exped grips is that we use EVA foam. EVA is super-light so it contributes to that pole being very, very light. It’s also very comfortable on-hand and it’s very warm – especially when you’re considering backcountry skiing and very cold conditions. But what I particularly like about Exped poles is the knurled extension of the EVA grip, down here. So when you’re side-hilling on a backcountry ski trip, you can grab that and it’s warm and it’s something to hold on to that keeps your hand from slipping. So, very thoughtful feature there.


Moving down to the adjustment section of the pole, we have in the upper section, what we call the non-slip groove adjustment system. Now, follow me here – the way this works is this upper section, at several points along the upper section, it is crimped. And what it creates on the inside of the pole is a ridge. And what you do is, you loosen up the internal expander, feel it butt up against that ridge, tighten it down and now it can’t slip. That expander can’t get past that ridge. So, non-slip groove adjustment system in the upper. The other adjustments (now in the 4-section poles you would have two of these, in the 3-section poles you have one) and that is the push-button adjustment in the lower section. It’s a dual push-button adjustment. That means there’s a button on one on this side, one on this side. They’re off-set. And the advantage to this over say one button is that you can have 2 springs in there pushing out against opposite sides of the internal part of the pole and it reduces that clanging and that sound, that looseness that you get every time you put a pole down. So these are very, very tight in their tolerances. So the adjustment is made, you push it in on both sides, very simple. And you have a series of larger and larger dots on the pole that tell you, that you are, the bigger the dot the closer you are to the holes. So, very simple adjustment in both the upper and the lower.


And these poles also come with 2 baskets - a trekking basket or hard pack basket. A hard pack basket is nice for today – not a lot of powder out here today. And a traditional basket. And there is also a larger powder basket that attaches to the outside of this snowflake basket and that’s an accessory.


So, all in all, beautiful poles, very lightweight, very compact and green anodizing. So, we’ll see you out there. Have a good winter.