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Exped Sleeping Pads Overview

Video by Exped
Attending to the varied needs of backpackers and campers, Exped sleeping pad line includes everything from lightweight inflatable pads to sprawling, insulated self inflating mattresses.

Exped Sleeping Pads Overview Video

Hi, everybody. Kai here with Exped. We’re here in Salt Lake City and we’re at our tradeshow booth. Every year we do a trade show and show off all the items that are new for next year. So we thought we’d use the wall of mats as an opportunity to talk about why you would buy one mat over another. Or, what the important things are about each of our categories of mats because we have a big mat selection.


Let’s just dive in and start with Downmat. Downmat, we’re famous for. It’s one of our first mats and the reason you would use a Downmat is that it is the mat with the greatest warmth-to-weight ratio. Because down is so efficient, it’s a light mat, a compact mat, and it’s an extremely warm mat. So you really get the best of all possible worlds with a Downmat. Downmats are more expensive than the other mats because down is expensive.


The reason you would own a Downmat is twofold: one is snow camping. If you’re on snow or ice, it is the warmest mat to use - no question about it. And still compact and light. The other reason you would use a down mat is that you want to do the best job you possibly can of limiting the amount of heat that goes into the ground. What that tends to do then is to make your existing sleeping bag warmer, so you can actually take a lighter sleeping bag in a given situation. So, Downmat you don’t mind spending more for that quality and efficiency. That’s why you would own a Downmat.


Downmat has an integrated pump and so does Synmat. Downmats are done in black; Synmats are done in a terracotta color. And they use the same chassis as the Downmat, so they have an integrated pump. The reason you would use a Synmat over a Downmat is the price. The price comes down because synthetic is not as expensive as down. But what a lot of people don’t realize is it’s a very, very warm snow camping mat as well. So the grand advantage to Synmat is that it is a little less expensive. All of the advantages of a Downmat, not quite as warm. But still, for a broad selection of activities, including snow camping, Synmat is great. It still has the integrated pump.


Also in the Synmat family, is Synmat Basic. And as the name implies, it is a more basic construction. The two mats we just talked about use baffles inside that are vertical side wall baffles so there’s no cold spot between the chambers. What we do here is a less-expensive construction which is a welded through baffle. And the welded through baffle isn’t quite as efficient, but still you can snow camp on this – not quite as efficient as the others. We also removed the integrated pump and that keeps the price down as well. So, it’s a very affordable mat. It does not have the integrated pump, as I say, so you either need to mouth inflate it or use one of our small accessory pumps. So, mostly price is why you would use a Synmat Basic.


Then we have Comfortfoam and Comfortfoam uses the same chassis as Downmat and Synmat that we talked about, so it has an integrated pump. All of these mats have Exped’s exclusive FlatValves. But the difference here, is that it is filled with pellets of foam that we drill out of a mat that you’re going to see here in a minute. The self-inflating mats, we drill the foam out to lighten those mats up, we take those pellets and we fill that same chassis. What we find is that we end up with this really cushioned mat that is highly efficient, very warm, but the cushioning is why you would want to buy Comfortfoam.


Now, if you’re going to carry it on your back, you want to have one of the Synmats or one of the Downmats. But if you’re a paddler, a rafter, if you’re a car camper, this is a super comfortable mat because it just has that bed-like in its comfort because of the foam, the rebound that you have. It’s also a very affordable mat when you compare it to the cost of producing these other mats. If you’re a paddler, Comfortfoam is a great mat to consider, in this green color.


Let’s move on to Airmats. So, a lot of times people ask us “Well why would you want an Airmat when you could get a a Synmat or some of these other things?” If you’re in a warm climate, where insulation from the cold ground is not the most important thing, Airmat’s a great way to go because it comes in a super small package. It’s very affordable because there’s no insulation inside. It uses the same chassis as the Synmat Basic, so welded through baffles, no integrated pump. So, again mouth inflation or mini pump or pillow pump inflation. A trick with Airmat is to take the clothing that you’re not wearing inside your sleeping bag, put that underneath the mat and that gives you some insulation. The mat gets you up off of the ground and the combination is surprising; it can do very well. So if you really want the most compact mat and an affordable mat, Airmat’s the way to go and they’re done in the blue color.


So then we get into another category that a lot of people don’t really realize that Exped does and that is SIM Lite. And SIM stands for self-inflating mat. So these are done with a chunk of foam with a shell bonded to that foam and the self-inflating part comes from this idea that the foam wants to expand. So you give these guys 15 to 20 minutes and it expands to about 80 percent of its volume and then you top it off with breath or one of our mini pumps or pillow pumps. And the advantage to buying a SIM mat or a SIM Lite mat is that they’re very affordable and they are quite compact. They do not reach the same R-values as the mats you’ve seen down here. They’re not as warm and they’re not as comfortable because they’re thinner. But they are very affordable mats and they’re very straight-forward in their use. People are used to them because this style of mat has been around for 35 years. So that’s the SIM Lite in the tan color.


The last category I want to show you is SIM Comfort. And this is another category that most people don’t realize that Exped deals in. And that’s because we’re very famous for the lightweight, super-efficient mats. But everybody, at some point, is a car camper. You’re going to do some car camping. So we want to cover you there as well. SIM Comfort comes in several different thicknesses from 5 centimeters to 7.5 to 10 centimeters and they’re covered with a very stretchy, very comfortable material on the surface. They’re very comfortable to sleep on. So you would buy these where you don’t have to worry about carrying them on your back, you’re car camping, you use it around the house for someone that’s visiting. A super-comfortable mat that’s filled with foam, so self-inflating. So that’s our line of mats and that gives you a feel for why you would want one over the other. And I guess that’s it. Thanks a lot and sleep well. See you next time.