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Exped Shrink Bag Dry Storage Sack

Video by Exped
Reducing packed size and protecting your gear, the innovative Exped Shrink Bag is a wide mouth, stand up stuff sack and roll-top drybag.

Exped Shrink Bag Dry Storage Sack Video

Hey folks, Ted here today with Exped. I want to give you a little bit of an overview of a product that we really really like called Shrink Bag. Shrink Bag is a unique storage system that we make that is pretty unique in the market in several different features. First of all, it comes in 3 different sizes – the yellow is a 20-liter, the terracotta is a 40-liter, and the big guy behind me is an 80-liter. Now the nice thing about that is they can be a nice, simple packing system and you can go ahead and stack two of them up if you want to. Two of these make the 40, two of those make the 80. And you can use the largest one as a pack liner. In fact, any of these can be used as a pack liner, separately if you want to. The other nice, unique feature about this is that everything in this is waterproof fabric and fully taped. So, you can see they’re holding air right now, they also keep the water out. They have a purge valve on the bottom that you can open and close. It’s very obvious that it’s closed. One of the things I like about it the very most is the size of the opening. This huge gargantuan opening right here with a bright interior allows you to see exactly what’s going on and allows you to put things in there and organize things really well. One of the things I like to show off, people are so used to taking sleeping bags and stuffing them into the stuff sack that comes with the sleeping bag they’ve bought. I know our sleeping bags come with stuff sacks, but if I have my preference, I replace all my stuff sacks with a large-mouthed one and here’s a good example why. I can take my entire sleeping bag and rather than try and jam it and tear all the baffles on the inside of the bag – that’s the number one wear point on any sleeping bag – I can take the whole wad of the sleeping bag and just drop it into this wide-mouthed stuff sack, like this. Just kind of shake it in, push it in really loosely. And then I can take the Shrink Bag, which has two stiffeners – one on this side and one on this side – close those together, make a quick fold, and do what I call a little burp as the air squeezes out a little bit on the top, roll it down, open the purge valve here. Roll it down so I get a nice seal, roll it at least three times. Now I’ve got a seal and I haven’t done any work to it at all. But if I want to go ahead and make this thing nice and small, I can go ahead and just kneel on it or sit on it and just put my finger in the purge valve just like so and I can just let all the air right on out and let my body weight do all the work, that way I’m not having to do any of the work whatsoever. All the air just squeezes right on out. You can even sit on this, it does the same thing. You can put clothes in it; you can put a pillow in it for travel. I’m just squeezing all the air out of this thing. Close that valve up and now you can see this thing is completely squished down, nice and flat. The other nice thing about it is it fits in the bottom of a backpack or the bow of a kayak really easily because its so flexible and pliable. An interesting strategy for packing is to use a big, large stuff sack like this. Go ahead and make a nice platform at the bottom of your pack to stack everything else up. It’s watertight, it’s compacted, I haven’t had to pull any compression straps. And it’s not an awkward shape like a watermelon or a tight little sausage to cram someplace. It’s really easy and packs in all kinds of convenient places. There is a slightly larger size for larger sleeping bags or for clothing. And again what I like to point out here is that if I’m doing my own stuff, I can see exactly what I’ve got in here. It’s easy, with easy, simple access. I’m not having to try and dig out of the bottom of the stuff sack. It’s easy to see what’s going on. And again, very easy to take the large stuff sack, like this, roll it down as small as I want to. I should make a mention while I’m showing this off, this tail right here is designed so that if I want fast and easy access, I can just grab it like so and everything falls open. Again, just close it down, roll it up nice and tight, open the purge valve, squeeze air out of it. And I can take a big stuff sack like that and make everything nice and small just by squeezing the air out right at the purge valve. And my clothes suddenly get nice and small – again easy to work with. One last thing - we’ll show you this in another video – is that these big bags right here are airtight and you can see this big one right here or you can see the 40-liter. I can take any one of these and attach our accessory, the Schnozzel, snap it onto that valve, hook it on to one of our mats that does not have an integrated pump and I can pump it up, real simple. We’ll show that to you in another video. Thanks, guys.