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Exped Schnozzel Sleeping Pad Accessory

Video by Exped
An innovative accessory, the Exped Schnozzel allows you to mate the Exped Shrink Bag to any Exped inflatable sleeping pad for mouth-free mattress inflation.

Exped Schnozzel Sleeping Pad Accessory Video

Hey folks. Ted here with Exped. Today I want to give you a talk about a funny little product we call the Schnozzel. The Schnozzel has a funny name, but it illustrates something we call an Exped system and it is basically an accessory to hook one Exped product up to another Exped product and make the whole system really function together well. The Schnozzel basically allows you to take any number of the Exped stuff sacks that have the purge valve on them – that could be a compression stuff sack, our telecompression stuff sack or even our shrink bags or shrink bag pros and turn them into a pump sack for some of the mats that we have that don’t have integrated pumps. Anyway, I’ll show you how this works. The process here basically is you take your stuff sack when you get to camp, open it up, throw up your tent. That’s my sleeping bag stuffed in here, I just squished it all down and compressed it. Open that up, take my sleeping bag out of it, get it all nice and fluffy. Throw that in the tent so it’s dry and all ready to go. Just like this, it’s all part of the set-up process. Then I come back to the actual inflation of my mat. Now in this case here, I’m using SynMat basic. SynMat Basic does not have an integrated pump. It’s a really comfortable mat, but I could go sit down and blow this thing up if I want to. It’s fine down here at sea-level, but at high altitude I don’t want to waste my breath any more than anybody else does. So I take the Schnozzel, I open up the inflate valve on my SynMat Basic, like that, take the Schnozzel, hook it right on up, snap it on. Real easy, real straight-forward. Take my shrink bag, open up the purge valve there, snap it on and now I’ve got an interesting system because this ends up working like my bellow sack. What’s critical here is, you take this and basically fill it full of air and roll it down closed like so. And now I’ve got a compression sack that works like a pump sack. And you can see how quickly I can inflate this mat – very quick, very easy. So with one inflation, do this again. Pretty straight-forward. With two pump sacks full, not even two pump sacks full, probably a pump sack and a half, 40-liter shrink bag, I’ve got my SynMat basic all inflated. Pop the Schnozzel off, close it like so. Just so I don’t lose the Schnozzel when I’m out in the field, I just go ahead and take the whole thing, just drop it in the bottom when I go to store everything away, I put my sling bag in there and I’m set to go. Now my mat’s already to go and if I’m putting together a whole bunch of mats for a whole bunch of people, if I’m playing guide or whatever for the given trip, it’s a pretty fast way to inflate a lot of mats without a lot of work.