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Exped Pillow Pump Sleeping Pad Accessory

Video by Exped
Compact and lightweight, the Exped Pillow Pump is both a comfortable headrest and a foot or hand pump for your Exped inflatable sleeping pad.

Exped Pillow Pump Sleeping Pad Accessory Video

Hello. Ted here today with Exped. I want to give you a quick walk-through of the Exped Pillow Pump. Exped Pillow Pump is a great product designed to take the blowing up of a mat by mouth and simplify it by giving you a pump. This particular product works on any of the Exped mats – our 2010 and newer and those that do not have an integrated pump in them. Nice small, flat valves on here allow us to make adapters on the pillow pump. So you can go ahead and flip this whole thing on over and convert it to a pump. What you want to do is open up the inflate valve, take this connector, snap it into place, go back to the pillow pump, open it up so that you have the air intake valve open and you’re going to keep this open using the palm of your hand on the air intake to create a nice seal here and force air into the pump and then into the mat. With two hands on this, it’s really, really efficient. You can blow this mat up very, very quickly. It is important to make sure the palm of your hand is creating a seal on there so you don’t have any leakage going out. You can see the mat inflates very, very quickly. Again, it can be used on any of our mats that do not have an integrated pump that are 2010 or newer. Now you’ve got it all sealed off, pop this off, close off your inflate valve. Flip it over. Now you’ve got to close the air intake on the pillow pump like so. A quick breath of air just to go ahead and inflate this a little bit so it’s nice and comfortable. Seal up the Schnozzel and now you’ve got a really nice neck pillow. Snugs right up in here. Nice polyester tricot face, very comfortable. The mat’s set to go for a real comfortable night. The next morning, you’re going to want to collapse the whole thing and that’s the other beautiful thing about this is that it’s very very small. Open up this valve, just take this and roll it up nice and compact. So the air doesn’t go back into it, I just seal this off like so. Drop it into the stuff sack and you’re ready for the trail with a nice, small, little package like that. So small it’s hard to leave behind. Have a good night’s sleep.