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Exped Sleeping Pad Field Repair with a Patch

Video by Exped
Seemingly catastrophic damage like burn holes and tears to your mattress can be repaired in the field with the patches in the repair kit included with your Exped sleeping pad.

Exped Sleeping Pad Field Repair with a Patch Video

Hey folks, Ted here with Exped. Today I’m going to give you a little bit of a run through as to how to deal with a mat that has been through a little more catastrophic failure than a typical puncture or a small cut. In this particular case we had a seat cushion sitting next to a fire. An ember landed right on it and we’ve got a big hole in it and so I’m just going to show you how to repair it.


Now, if you recall, every one of the Exped mat and seat products, or air holding products, actually comes with a repair kit. So, if you open one of these repair kits up you’ll notice that there is a tube of glue which is, frankly, the most important part of the kit. Then you’ve also got instructions. Let me back up. The most important part of the kit is actually the instructions so you should read those first. But, in case you can’t read you can hear me talking in the video. If you need explanation or clarification, read those, they come in multiple languages.


You also have a whole series of patches and we’re going to show you how to use these. There’s some patches that actually have a hole punched out of them, just like this, and then there are some solid patches for larger cuts and tears. In this particular case we’re going to take one of the patches and show you how to use it as a template. You want to peel the backer off of this nice and cleanly, just like so. Be careful so you don’t stick to yourself on this one. Then you want to lay it nice and cleanly over your hole. I’m going to lay it down as smoothly as I can. Try to keep the circle as clean as I can; I’ll get my fingers out of the way in a second so you can see what’s going on. Just like that. Now that’s going to serve as my template for my glue.


I’m going to take the glue and I’m going to fill that hole nicely so that I seal that off really well. In this case you’re going to want to use quite a bit of glue in there to make sure that’s sealed off nicely. And now I’m going to go and use plenty of glue, the biggest problem most people have is that they don’t use enough glue on here and it doesn’t saturate the fabric properly. So go ahead and use it, the reason you're using the template is so you can kind of make it look nice later on, but make sure you’ve got plenty of glue on there. Just like that. The fabric is all seeded nicely.


Cap that off and set that aside and now just to illustrate the point I’m going to take one of my more colorful patches. Do I have another one around here? Oh yeah, two of them stacked on top of each other. I’ll take one of my more colorful patches just to point out what’s going on. Separate the backer off of here and, again, just to be clear on this I only use that on more extreme holes or if I’m trying to make it cosmetically pretty. If it’s a small puncture then I don’t tend to use that, I just use a dab of glue. I’m going to put that on there just like that and now we’ll let it sit here for just a second; let that soak in there nicely.


Once I’ve done that, I’ll let this sit here for just a minute; I’m going to go ahead and start to peel this back. That template basically keeps the glue from squeezing out all over the place. It looks nice and clean like so. Now, I’ve got that sitting where I want to. Don’t have a big glue smudge all over the place; put that to the side, yeah. And there’s a nice clean patch, now I’m going to let that sit for about 20 minutes then go ahead and use it afterwards it will be all set to go. That’s fixing a more catastrophic cut or in this case a burn hole in the mat and you can do that with any of our mats just with the simple repair kit you got right there. Thanks a lot!