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Exped AirMat Basic UL 7.5 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Video by Exped
The lightweight and compact Exped AirMat Basic UL 7.5 Inflatable sleeping pad provides summer and warm-weather performance for ounce-counting backpackers.

Exped AirMat Basic UL 7.5 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Hi again gang, Kai here behind the camera and Ted in front of the camera. We’re going to show you the Exped AirMat 7.5 and the AirMat 7.5 is a very lightweight and compact mat. Ted’s going to inflate it here for us and he is going to do a mouth inflation of this mat and so one thing that we want to make sure you know going into this is that there are two valves on this mat, like on all Exped mats. There is an inflate valve and a deflate valve. And it’s very important that that deflate valve, right there that Ted’s holding, be closed all the way, a very easy and simple press fit, before you start inflating or all the air that you blow in will go out the other side. So Ted is, as I said, doing a mouth inflation, there are other methods of inflating, ah this mat as we’ll show you in a moment. So, the question arises, why would you want to use an AirMat at all? An AirMat does not have any insulation in it and it’s the same chassis as the SynMat Basic 7.5 but without the insulation. So you would use a mat like this in warm climates where insulation is not an, ah issue. Not a problem that you’re faced with. You would use this mat where you want to maintain the comfort up off the ground, ah but where a compact may and a very lightweight mat is in order. This mat is also a very, very good price. So, Ted has inflated it, it doesn’t take very long and it’s all set to go. Now, the other two ways you can inflate this mat is with Mini Pump, which Ted is holding and we have a video about Mini Pump, the other one is Pillow Pump which we have a video on as well so make sure you look at that. And that is AirMat 7.5. Thanks a lot, thanks Ted!