Garmont Zenith Hike GTX Hiking Boot Video


The Garmont Zenith Hike GTX is a very lightweight backpacking boot or a boot for hiking. It’s completely waterproof using GORE-TEX XCR and the construction on the boot is made from leather and fabric so the boots going to breath well but also offer support and durability as well. A unique fit feature that Garmont uses is called ADD and that stands for anatomically directed design. The human foot is not built symmetrically and therefore, Garmont is not building a boot that is symmetrical. A really good opportunity to see this is at the back of the heel here. You can see that this side is much higher than this side here and is sort of carved away for the ankle bone that sits here at the outside of the foot. You’re basically getting a fit with this boot that is designed to match up with the asymmetry of your foot. The design of the tongue on this boot is also asymmetrical; it’s thicker on this side than it is on the other. This is nice for fitting and for wear as well because it prevents the tongue from doing this while you’re walking. It stays in one place. The bottom support on the Zenith Hike, as you can see, has an EVA midsole where the cushioning is coming from, but there is a thermoplastic shank in here as well. So that’s a lightweight, stiff layer of plastic that is flexible and allows the boot to bend but also offers protection underfoot as well as support and good heel structure. The bottom of this boot is using a Vibram rubber outsole. As you can see there is a variety of traction going on here and you do have a nice heel braking design as well.


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