Vasque Women's Breeze 2.0 GTX Hiking Boot Video


We are taking a look at the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX. This is the women’s version of this boot and it is a great light hiker suitable for anyone that is looking to go day hiking even long day hikes with a loaded pack or someone that is going ultra light back packing. So the upper construction in this boot is a fabric and leather construction. So you get real-ly good durability where you see the leather. This mesh that Vasque is using is actually quite durable. I have had a couple of pairs of these boots and I have not been able to wear through that mesh so far. So it offers some good durability, but what it is improving is the breathability and the flexibility of this boot as well. So it makes it a real comfortable fit because of that construction. You do get gortex in this shoe so it is completely water proof. So need to worry about water seeping in where that mesh is. You have got that gortex booty there. On the front of the boot here you can see you have got a nice lace up system and you have got metal hardware here at the top on the three eyelets and then some sown webbing here at the bottom. And you can see here as we have unlaced the shoe that it is a booty design. So you have got this gusset through the tongue. There is room there to get the foot into the boot. And you have got some nice wicking material around the top here to help control sweat and offer some comfort at the ankle. But you do get a lot of nice support and that gortex barrier runs up there through that tongue. So you don’t need to worry about water seeping in through there either. So added reinforcement on this boot Vasque includes a nice rubber cap toe bumper there, sole wraps up a little bit with some tread. And on the back side here you can see you have got that same like rubber cap or bumper on the back side of the boot to help protect, offer some durability. There is a little tag here to help work the boot on and off of your foot as well. So the underfoot package here on this boot is one of the things that makes it so comforta-ble. I mean it is a lightweight boot, but it has a great out of the box feel. Rarely a blister with this boot. There is not much of a break in period and it has the feel of a sneaker un-der foot, but it has the support as well as the tread pattern here that you would expect from a boot. So you have got your different layers of mid sole here and you can see you have got like a nice thick layer of EVA rubber so it gives you that cushion, that support that you are looking for on an all day hike. This lighter color here is going to be a plate that Vasque has inserted there that is a little stiffer. That offers that under foot protection from rocks and roots as well as some of that support that you are looking for through the arch and the main body of the foot. On the out sole of the boot you can see here you have got a nice {?} out sole. It is a good grippy rubber and Vasque does have a fairly aggressive lug pattern on this boot as well. It is going to be perfect in rocky, rooty, muddy terrain. And these are a self cleaning lug design so you can see by those little shallow patterns there and some of the ... it might be hard to see, but there is a differentiation in the actual diameter of the lug pattern which kind of helps muck and stuff that gets caught in your boot kind of ooze out the side of the boot instead of sticking in the cleated system. The last note I would like to make on this boot, this is the Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX. It does replace the old Breeze GTX which was a great boot. This is going to be a really good option for anybody that is doing any kind of hiking, is looking for something to wear day in and day out that wants a lot of comfort. And anybody who is doing some ultra light back packing you are really going to love this shoe. It has been a good design for years for Vasque. In the new improved version, this 2.0 model, they have made a lot of upgrades and some visual updates and everything that they have done here, I think, has only worked on improving this boot.


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