Vasque Men's Snow Junkie Insulated Boot Video


The Vasque Snow junkie is a lightweight technical insulated boot for folks that like to head outside when the snow flies. The mid sole on the snow junkie is comprised of Dual Density EVA so you get cushioning in all the right places for comfort as well as a TPU arch plate. This is going to protect the underside of the foot from rocks and roots and anything else that might be pocking up and give you a little bit more support under foot as well. The side construction of the Snow Junkie is made from water proof coated leathers and textile fabrics. It does use vast ultra dry water proofing technology so it's a completely water proof shoe and it's got great re enforcements along the sides of the shoe, the heel as well as the toe and in those key areas where a snow show binding would be wearing along the shoe there is even more reinforcement. This boot does have 200g of 3M insulation in it. It's kind of a perfect ratio of insulation for someone that is going to use this boot that is moving fast, the foot might be getting sweaty but they definitely need some insulation because they are out in cold temperatures and to work with that the inside of the boot has a light weight grid fleece around the collar and the tongue here. It's going to offer some comfort as well as warmth, and the inside of the boot has a soft mesh lining that really helps with moisture management. Vasque use of their proprietary out sole on the shoe is very similar to their Blur line of running shoes that they create. So it's fairly aggressive, offers some really good traction, is going to be great for folks that are moving on trails that might be comprised of snow and or rock and mad Final bonus feature on the snow junkie is going to be a metal D ring located here at the toe of the boot. It's going to be clipping a gutter when you are using these in conjunction with snow shoes.


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